Pigreco Bench Desking For Agile Work Environments

Pigreco Bench Desking is a highly innovative office desking system that was designed to understand and inspire the workplace – be it being open plan operational, executive cellular office or decision making meeting rooms – in the best possible way. Pigreco fosters collaboration and teamwork in that it easily configures into shapes and sizes that fit your team and the task at hand.


Pigreco Bench Desking is innovatively constructed using a key element, the frame that has been designed so to make installation simple and easy. Pigreco Bench Desking is characterised by its distinguished compass shape leg – available in 2 standard colours: white and titanio and in 6 optional lacquered colours. The central beam of the bench desking is also designed to support and manage all power and data. The Pigreco desking system frame can be installed easily and for this reason, it is expandable and easy to reconfigure allowing for business growth.