Palisades Wood Shelving Fits Perfectly Into Your Office

Palisades Wood Shelving is a customisable and modular shelving zone divider with a mid-century modern style.

If you’ve ever watched the series Madmen,  you’ll know about the uber-cool, timeless mid-century offices the ad execs worked in (and the many awards the set designers won). Palisades Wood Shelving fits right in.

Today’s workforce has become more temporary and agile. Teams grow and shrink according to demand and so modern workplaces are having to become complex, multi-functional environments which provide the right mix of private and shared space in ever-changing proportions.


The Palisades Wood Shelving offer the solution with a customisable and modular shelving zone divider – making it not only a shelving unit, but also a room divider perfect for sheltering breakout-areas from spaces where employees need to focus and concentrate.  With Palisades Wood Shelving you also have the choice of accessories including plants, acoustic panels, lighting and storage to create that highly attractive visual and acoustic banner.

The system delivers the needed level of privacy between different work areas whilst its openings help employees stay connected to what’s going on. Built on the classic open shelving look, this style offers a more solid look with a bias towards storage capacity and shelf strength.