Pailo Bench Desk Is Perfect For The SOHO Office

Before the 1900’s working from SOHO was the norm.

Obviously, we’re not talking about that trendy West End entertainment hotspot, but rather the Small Office / Home Office setup (yep, SOHO is the actual acronym).

Without going into too much detail, the spread of the Industrial Revolution was responsible for – along with creating a rise in literacy, infant life expectancy and lots of smoke – people starting to work in centralised factories and offices.

Luckily the advent, and improvement, of the personal computer from the late 1980’s onwards, combined with a big emphasis on work/life balance and productivity, meant that office workers could again disperse and start working from home.

Which begs the question: What Bench Desk to get as a SOHO essential?

Look no further than the Pailo Bench Desk.

It has been specifically designed to provide solutions for a domestic working environment and the challenges workers in this space face. It introduces a softer approach to the mundane formal bench desking systems often found in corporate offices and explores new ways to introduce fabric into the workplace. The Pailo Desk range incorporates single and back-to-back desks as well as multiple project tables to suit both formal and informal working styles and workspaces of varying sizes.

Pailo Bench Desk

Designed to offer customisable areas to suit even the most transient of workspaces, the inclusion of a gantry provides a hanging space for Pailo’s versatile range of screens and desk accessories. Pailo Bench Desk’s hanging screens can be suspended from the gantry by bridle leather straps, leaving the above space free to be used for the pendulous lighting and plants. As an alternative, the adjustable drape screens offer personalised levels of privacy. Attached to the gantry, they can be raised or lowered by the users to suit individual preference.

Pailo Bench Desks also offer users optional addition of a suspended wire basket, for keeping belonging off the floor and close to hand. This personal desk accessory provides easy access to multiple shelves.






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