Our Allermuir Favourite Furniture Pieces For Your Office

Allermuir is a proudly British manufacturer that prides itself on the high quality of its designs and its craftsmanship. From their stable comes a few of our favourite pieces and we’re so impressed with what they offer, we just can’t help showing off more of their furniture.

Ottens Lounge Chair

Quite the statement piece, the Ottens Lounge Chair is a generously proportioned rocking chair that will beckon you to get comfortable in it. If the looks of this chair aren’t enough to convince you, have a look at the rich history and health benefits associated with rocking chairs. Complete the look with a matching ottoman.


JoJo Bar Stool

Few, if any, bar stools are as comfortable as the JoJo. Created from 3D veneered plywood or PU, the stool’s shape is just right. This elegant stool is available in two frame styles: a high and low four leg frame, or height adjustable frame with a swiveling centre pedestal.



Jaicer High Stool

Allermuir’s most environmentally friendly piece, the Jaicer is entirely made out of wood…yep, no nuts and bolts! Jaicer is the perfect addition to any café or hospitality environment but will be at home in a corporate breakout environment. The Jaicer family comprises of a chair, high stool, and complementary tables.

jaicer-high-stools-02 jaicer-high-stools-03

Scoop High Stool

Similar to the JoJo, the Scoop High Stool is a simple, minimal and clever seating solution. Scoop High Stools are available as a chair, stool or armchair, and the nifty bit is that all the models are stackable meaning you can easily store them when not needed.


Haven Pods

Haven Pods are the perfect bit of privacy-kit for the modern open plan office. With its nigh-on enclosed space, individuals or groups can utilise these to work or meet with a high degree of privacy. Haven Pods are available in several configurations and sizes and are not fixed, which means you can arrange and re-arrange them to suit your office’s needs.