Office Seating For Your Modern Workplace

Office seating has a vital role to play in every workplace. It not only adds eloquence to the office but also improves its configuration.

Seating is critical because it is normal for employees to sit at their desks for eight or nine hours a day. When installed to serve extended periods, office chairs must be comfortable, of enhanced quality, and provide excellent functionality. With Apres Furniture, it is attainable to accomplish this without sacrificing style.

Of course, we understand that every modern workplace has a unique aesthetic plus seating and style preferences they look forward to matching. Here are a few office seating options at Apres Furniture that might be exactly what you’re looking for.


Yeah! Swivel Chairs

The Yeah! Swivel Task Chair is as good as the name. It has a pivoting base, provides maximum comfort, and comes in vibrant colours.

Yeah! Office Task Chair has a sliding seat that can be adjusted; by up to 60mm and a 4° seat tilt for maximum comfort.

The signature quick modification element allows you to set the backrest pressure in seconds. It also accommodates a wide range of weights and heights. These features make this chair an excellent choice for hotdesking and multi-user workspaces.


Wing Task Chair

Wing Task Chair is made with recycled material and cutting-edge technology to meet the needs of solace and safety in the workplace.

Wing Task Chair comes in grey or black polypropylene shells with a tilting base, rigid or height adjustable armrests, and a high or medium backrest. To top it all off, it is strong and durable and available in a variety of colours.


Youster Executive Chair

Youster Management Seating offers longevity and beauty because of its high-quality upholstery in fabrics or leather, complemented by chrome-plated aluminium armrests and base.

Youster Executive Office Chair offers flexibility, such as a low and high back, an integrated headrest, and transition mechanisms for the ergonomically correct outcome.

It is designed for renowned management environments and blends elegance, innovative design, reliability, and layout. A perfect option for every modern workplace.


W-1 High Task Chair

The next generation of innovative office chair technology enters the world of modern offices, with simple, concise, and long-lasting features, and this is what the W-1 High Task Chair is about. The W-1 High Task Chair has a smooth surface, highlighted by its satin chromed steel frame. The technical elements in the W-1 are optically concealed; they appear innately when you use the chair.

The W-1 has a distinct personality with two different backrest heights, padded variants with high-quality upholstery, and mesh fabric and leather tones.
The satin-chromed steel frame is the key aesthetic element.


Visita Chair

Visita Chair is a modern, classy seating solution that will blend seamlessly in a contemporary workplace environment.

The Visita Visitor’s Chair has a mesh back present in black and light grey, the same colours as the armrests, to ensure that everything matches perfectly. With its clear boundaries and neutrality, the chair can easily blend in with any other interiors and will bring a soothing and elegant design to the office.


Key Takeaway For Office Seating!

Apres Furniture strives to offer the highest-quality office furniture, including top-notch office seating to customers without sacrificing the quality of the product. Our team at Apres Furniture will guide you through every step to make your office look more welcoming.