Office Screens Optimising Workspace And Good Mental Health

Long before office screens were linked to infection control measures, employers realised how valuable they were in creating agile workspaces.

They can also be an asset to designers or companies seeking ways to make office environments more pleasant and supportive.

Making office environments modular

One of the important roles that office screens play is enabling companies to zone and amend workspace in a logical and responsive way.

For example, a staff break area next to work pods can be divided off with attractive screens to instantly transform into a ready-made client meeting spot.

Or, something highly innovative and contemporary like a Viewing Room Divider can shield collaborative or project management activities to create a sense of privacy and focus.

The design and placement of space dividers and desk screens can make your open plan office seem far less overwhelming too and enables you to pool teams together in a responsive way.

Offices that bring people together, with screens

This may seem to be a contradiction if you imagine office screens to be large clunky items of equipment that divide a room in a very decisive manner!

However, contemporary screening products for offices are creative and diverse. This is why manufacturers and suppliers were able to respond so quickly to the need for COVID-19 safety screens for offices.

Opting for contemporary low lying desk screens can give your workforce the sense of being in their own work pod, without the need to physically separate them into separate offices or workstations. So you can mix and match working areas, but give individuals or teams the perception of their own space that doesn’t totally isolate them.

Privacy and office improvement

This is another point to keep in mind if you think office screens are simply a token gesture in dividing staff and other office space users. You can now buy screens that have noise management properties. In fact, we can supply made-to-order acoustic control screens for offices, such as tailored designs from the Woodland Screen range.

Bear in mind that sometimes the simplest finishing touches for an office layout can make a big difference to mental health too, therefore increasing productivity and lowering absenteeism.

Making your workplace more attractive and strategic in its layout, including offering versatile work privacy options, can be accomplished by using office screens that are easy on the eye but functional.

Cost effective way to change an office

One last but important benefit to investing in office screens and desks with dividers is that you can add creative flair to an otherwise bland workspace.

Screens enable you to add a splash of colour, or some funky optical effects, on a very small budget. Then, when you need to rearrange or refresh your work environment, new office screens are a great deal cheaper than walls!