Office Reception Desks For The Ultimate First Impression

Modern reception desks are no exception to the rule that contemporary office furniture expresses your organisation’s very vision and personality. The reception area gives every customer, visitor, and employee that enters your office their first impression of your branding.

Setting the tone for what guests might anticipate is made easier by modern reception desks. The ideal modern reception desk offers the lasting impression you want to leave on them, regardless of whether you value originality and creativity, elegance and antiquity, or forward-thinking and progress.

A balanced workspace, a message that mirrors the company’s desired public perception, and a memorable yet professional look are sure-fire ways to make a good first impression and cultivate the connections that result in long-term business.

Some sleek and shiny reception desks can be your go-to. You can choose them to be curvy, wooden, or of mixed materials. The only thing that matters is that it blends well with the aesthetics and standards you have set.


Keep It Curvy

Modern office furniture integrates geometry. Modern shapes like wraparound reception desks and curved reception desks instantly draw attention to and make a greeting space distinctive. With Luna Modular Reception Desk, that is exactly what you would imply.

You may customise your Luna Modular Reception Desk. For a receptionist desk that is customised just for your needs, choose from curved or linear modules together with storage units. Access for wheelchairs is provided in a part that is desk height for the injured and impaired. This desk brings class and convenience in one package.


Glossy Glass

Glass reception desks are a major trend in contemporary workplaces. They are ideal for modern organisations that want their décor to be elegant and sophisticated.

One thing is certain: these glass accents exude pure beauty, whether the reception desk has a frosted glass top or crystal-clear glass panels. If you must, this Kassini Reception Desk is exactly what we are talking about.

There are two models of Kassini reception desks: a corner model with generous dimensions and a slightly tilted design that may be used as a standalone module or as a dual unit. Both Kassini reception desks can be customised with a glass or hardwood shelf upon request.


Mix It Up

Another design trend for reception desks is to contrast the natural wood’s texture and knots with sleek glass or chrome embellishments.

A genuinely stunning impression is achieved by combining organic materials with a contemporary metal and glass features. The workplace’s demeanour of innovation and progressive style is reflected. If you love this concept, you will fancy yourself a Fusion Reception Desk, too.

A modern selection of reception counters, Fusion Reception Desks are offered as straight and curved desk units. Fusion Reception Collection counters may be used with either squared or curved corner units. Crossbanded wood veneer choices, glass shelves, privacy screens, laser-cut corporate logos, and more are all available options if you decide to put in an order.


Key Takeaway For Office Reception Desks!

You are presenting your best self and guiding your company along the road to success by impressing customers and clients with a polished reception area. At Apres Furniture, our sole purpose is to serve you. For your endeavour to put more effort into first impressions, we have various options for you to choose from.