Your Office Interior Should Match The Building Architecture

A lot of emphases gets placed on what buildings look like from the outside. Architects spend hours and hours mulling over angles, the shiny-ness of glass panels and what would make the building stand out from the surrounds.  And rightfully so – first impressions do, after all, count. But there’s no let-down quite like walking through the front doors of a grand and impressive building to find a dull, dreary and all-together uninspiring interior at odds with the outside. At Apres, we believe that the interior should reflect the time and care that went into crafting the outside.

An interior space shouldn’t just be slapped together. Careful consideration should go into the choice of designs and use of fabrics, while the use of the room should be taken into account. That’s why we like to get the input from our clients and find out what features of the building or space are important to them, whether it is the use of glass on the exterior of the building or an oversized Picasso hanging in the lobby. Our in-house designer and furniture consultants then guide our clients through the rest of the process, recommending pieces and designs that will compliment the feature around which the interior will be based.

To get you started, we’ve compiled a few mood boards to show how the interior can compliment the exterior:

SM1 Lounge Seating is angular in shape, alluding to the brutalist nature of the building.

TB 229 Classic Line Office Desks carries on the theme of simplicity and elegance that can be seen from the exterior of the building.

From the stables of Bla Station comes the Babel Table Range. Fun and playful, the colourful tables fit with the colourful exterior.

DR Executive Office Desks mimic the angles of this building while the use of glass tabletops gives a nod to the materials used in the build.

Below, the Ribbon Stool and MYchair follow the organic lines and shapes in the design of the building.