Office AV Media Units Are Key For Your Meetings

Gone are the days of sending out pigeon carriers, marathon runners, trekking up countless stairs to the top floor of your office building, or licking stamps to stick on the envelope that carries a message. No, in this day and age it is all about the click and the tap.

Technology-related productivity in the workplace has increased by a whopping 480 (yep, triple figures) percent per hour in the last four decades and an overall increase in productivity of 84% over the same period.

With the Internet becoming more accessible and technology-related costs falling dramatically, it has become much easier for us to collaborate, communicate, assimilate and ultimately accumulate (money that is). The moral of the story is to keep up with the changing trends so employees can be as productive as possible and your company can look as futuristically cool as possible.

Have a look at some of our Office AV Media Units that will help get you there:

The Media Table-Screen is an informal central meeting point designed for meetings, sharing and presenting. Available with a standard height table or low coffee table attached to either side of the upholstered vertical panel. Media Table-Screen includes two USB charging ports, one HDMI port, and one UK power socket. The media screen can hold a monitor up to 40”.


Wing High Table is an informal meeting point solution ideal for office environments that implement agile working for their staff. Wing High Table is often used in combination with the AV Wall feature to be able to offer presentations or video conferencing transforming it into Wing Wall media table. Power and data management is optional for an additional surcharge and is constructed into the desktop. The Wing Wall high table is minimalist and futuristic in design that breaks the straight line.


The Cocoon Media Unit is an innovative informal meeting booth for collaborative office environments. Comprised of two high back soft seating units and integrated meeting table with dividing screen, it allows 4 to 6 people to meet informally with a certain amount of acoustic privacy. Cocoon Media Booth can be fitted with a TV conference facility if required. The integrated table offer built-in power and data management. This allows staff to plug in and discuss projects or show presentations. All Media units include a Prism 45 pixel unit with 2 power sockets, 2 charging USB points and 1 HDMI point as standard.