Noteworthy Office Phone Booth Pods for Sale: A Guide to Choosing from the Best

As open floor plan offices continue to gain popularity, privacy can become a precious commodity. Thankfully, office phone booth pods offer a solution to this problem. These contemporary, self-contained rooms are designed to provide employees with a private space to take calls, have private conversations, or simply get some quiet time.

If you’re in the market looking for office phone booth pods for sale, this guide will help you choose from the best options available.


Framery O Phone Booth

The Framery O Phone Booth is ideal for small to midsize offices. It’s spacious enough to fit two people comfortably and designed to be easy to assemble and move around.

The booth features a ventilation system, a built-in table, and LED lighting. It’s also soundproofed, ensuring that conversations stay private.


Zen Phone booth

The Zen phone booth is a single-person phone booth designed for versatility. It’s ideal for open offices, coworking spaces, or other environments where privacy is essential.

The booth is soundproof, with ventilation and a built-in fan to keep users comfortable. The Zen booth is also easy to assemble and can be moved around.


Hush Phone Booth

The Hush Phone Booth is a stylish and modern option designed for maximum comfort and privacy. The booth has a ventilation system, LED lighting, and a built-in table.

It’s soundproofed with acoustic features, ensuring that conversations remain confidential. The Hush Phone Booth is also easy to assemble, move around, and on top of it all, it is cost-effective. It is space friendly and does not make the space look bulky.


Spacio Phone Booth

The Spacio Phone Booth is another budget-friendly option that’s ideal for an open office. It’s designed to be easy to assemble and move around. The booth is soundproof and features a ventilation and electric system, making it a comfortable and private space for phone calls or meetings.


What To Consider When Choosing A Pod?

Our phone booths are soundproof with acoustic features and are among the best in the market. However, the following are a few factors you must remain mindful of when choosing the phone booth for your workplace.


Consider the size of your office and the number of people who will be using the booth. Some phone booths can accommodate multiple people, while others are designed for solo use.


Make sure that the phone booth you choose is easily movable. From its installation to mobility, everything should be a breeze so you can play around with furniture as you want to.


Look for a phone booth with a ventilation system, ensuring that the air stays fresh. Since the room will be closed for a while, the air should be easy to breathe.


Choose a phone booth that fits your office’s style and decor. It should not make the space look bulky or congested.


Key Takeaway For Office Phone Booth Pods!

Considering office phone booth pods for sale, you can create a more comfortable and productive work environment for your team.

At Apres Furniture, we understand this. Our pieces are customisable, so you always get what you want. Reach out to us and explore what we have in store for you.