No Amount Of Under Desk Shelving Is Ever Enough: Here Is Why

Standards are only maintained when needs are fulfilled. Employees are to be provided and cared for before expecting any results. Workstations are places of serious business, from spacious desks to comfortable task chairs. If every detail is considered, you might just put together the perfect one for your employee.

Under-desk shelving is part of the game. No organisation can fit even a day’s worth of documents into a single filing cabinet underneath their desk. There is always way too much paperwork. There is also the issue of sharing a filing system and mixing up your personal items with others, creating a hassle you were trying your best to avoid.

While many businesses keep storage rooms as a protocol and safekeeping, some under-desk shelving is also an efficient way to keep track of your files. Moreover, they come with additional features that make handling the hoard of paperwork and your personal belongings easier.

So, the question arises: which cabinet would go right under your desk, and would it suffice?

We at Après Furniture have the solution for all your under-desk shelving problems. Read along this post to discover five of the best shelving systems that fit beneath your workstation and make your filing system a breeze.


PFA Home Filers

For those looking for efficient file solutions on a tight budget, PFA Home Filers are an essential storage item. Eighty per cent of the drawers are extendable, including a locking mechanism and an optional pen tray so that you won’t lose any more writing utensils. A large label holder is another essential component for better management.


Note Pedestals

Note Pedestals for businesses or households are a sensible and neutral under-desk storage solution. The welded card case is a “one-piece wrap,” integrated with the newest assembly technology, and contemporary furniture designs inspire the neutral, rectilinear look.


Sedus Pedestal Range

If you want to think and operate in a linear, unique, fashionable, and effective manner, the Sedus Pedestals Range gives you the ideal storage space. The premium Sedus Mobile Pedestals meet every office storage need, which also suits every person’s preference.


Store Personal Pedestal

Under the desk, the Store Personal Pedestal provides convenient storage for almost anything. With a magazine rack and an additional shelf that can be added to carry small things or drinks while keeping them off the surface to prevent spills. To improve the user’s ergonomics, both complements can be suspended off to one side or the other.


Universal Freestanding Pedestal

The purpose of the Universal Freestanding Pedestals is to enhance the work surface. It can be positioned next to the desk with a coordinating finishing top or underneath the desk’s top to serve as support.

It is built of steel, has an aluminium plinth base, and has steel finishes. It includes an internal safety counterweight and a central locking mechanism with an extractable barrel and a bending key for that extra-extra safety measures.


Key Takeaway For Under Desk Shelving!

Papers and belongings in offices create clutter and almost always have a way to keep messing up your workstation if you stop managing them. Under desk storage facilities that serve this very purpose can be found in our collection at Après Furniture, so be sure to peruse your options.