The All New Spacio® Lounge Pod Launches In The UK

Continuing the innovation-led designs from Spacio®, the latest pod, the Spacio® Lounge Pod, is a two-person privacy meeting pod for escaping the office noise or holding a small informal meeting. Instead of the usual tables and chairs, these pods come standard furnished with a small side table and two soft seating units with integrated power and data pixel modules at the base. Another handy feature is that the pod knows when it is being used and adjusts accordingly: the Spacio Lounge Pod also comes fitted, as standard, with a PAR infrared sensor, which automatically senses when the pod is in use, switching on the lighting and ventilation. This will then also automatically switch off after a while if there is no activity in the pod.


Spacio® Lounge Pod features 2 acoustically lined screened walls and glazed sides with a hinged door. At 70mm, the screens are not only very rigid, they can also carry a lot of weight externally and a lot of acoustic foam internally, making it a very good sound absorber. The lounge pod, furthermore, comes with an acoustic ceiling which provides a high level of speech privacy – 95%. The design of the walls and the roof system is such that sound reduction and sound absorption is optimised for superior acoustics.

The Spacio® Office Lounge Pod is demountable and customisable, unlike partitioning, there are no dilapidation costs to consider. These office mini work pods can furthermore be linked to one another by sharing panels resulting in a saving of both space and cost.

External Frame Finishes: Spacio® offer two frame finshes namely Galax Dark and Comet Ice.

Spacio Lounge Pod Dimensions in mm:
Width: 2388