Modern Reception Chairs 2022

Furniture is the backbone of office aesthetics. It can make or break the mood and environment of any space. Hence, ensuring you have the appropriate one that complements everything together is vital.

At the same time, your reception area is the first room someone will enter as they visit your office. Of course, you seek to make a lasting impression, which can effectively be done with the help of furniture. While being at it, it is also a reflection of your company culture and values.

Modern seating options in your reception area will give your clients an idea of your interior design taste.

Want to do it right? Check out our picks of some of the most modern reception chairs.


Mya Chair

Giovanni Baccolini was very particular while designing the Mya Chair. It is a simple yet practical chair ideal for your reception area. It is a single-seating solution that stands out for its clean finish and multipurpose possibilities. It can be customized in three types of bases depending on your liking.

Looking for chairs that merge design, comfort, and versatility? The Mya Chair is one of your best bets at it.


Wilmer C Chair

The Wilmer C Chair is a neat-looking, comfortably upholstered chair that will fit any space you place it in. With a chrome steel frame and legs, the chair is sturdy and classy.

The chair has a backrest and seat made of polyurethane foam and can be covered in leather or fabric, depending on which you would prefer. Overall, it has an elegant and soft vibe.


Tonic Armchair

Available in three distinct bases and a variety of materials, the Tonic Armchair will adapt to the surroundings in any space. On top of it all, it can be upholstered in many colours to go all-out creative with your furniture and reception area.

Designed by Lorenz Kaz, the Tonic Armchair has a unique side-line adding a considerable iconographic character to it. It is a fresh and chic design that will be loved by all.


Millibar Lounge Armchair

The slight projecting lip on its silhouette is the defining feature of the Millibar Lounge Armchair. This eco-friendly chair is available in a sledge or swivel base that can either be chromium-plated or powder-coated steel tubing.

Its supreme comfort is all due credit to the flexible polyurethane foam. It is upholstered inside the fabric gloss. With the foam’s help, the shell adapts to the user’s sitting position, making the sitting experience pleasant. You can customize the colour of the fabric as well.


Key Takeaway For Reception Chairs 2022!

Your office’s first look should be a sight to remember. It will ensure clients enjoy their time as they wait and consider returning. At Apres Furniture, we have you covered for the ultimate modern chairs for your reception area. They are chic, classy, and have a soft vibe that is loved by all. Consult our interior design experts for more ideas for designing or renovating a space.