Modern Office Decor Is Not A Wish, It’s A Must Now!

A modern office reflects your organisation’s forward-looking approach. It bears witness to your dynamic abilities with changing times. Interior design has all the cards to play here. From furniture to paint to layout, every element contributes to the overall aesthetic and what your brand stands for.

On the same hand, it also includes organisational practices, culture and environment and one way of reflecting it is via the furniture pieces installed at the workplace. Its versatility, flexibility, and health consciousness are made visible.

Find out why modern office decor is a need of the time and not just a plan sought to be achieved sometime in the future.


Rooms Workplace System

The Rooms Workplace System provides a room-within-a-room system for a modern office. It allows for a private space while also staying connected with the rest of the work floor. It is an unfixed quick team meeting area. It can also be used as a social hub for casual catch-ups while being in the same environment.

Made from aluminium extrusions, the Room Workplace is sturdy and provides a zone for private work. It looks stylish, and the option of a natural oak or birch finish adds to its elegance. Add complementary tables, chairs, or credenza units to the system and uplift its overall look. You can change its setting occasionally, too, for a change.


Nelson Coconut Chair

Of course, modern office decor would include statement pieces that look distinctive and add a unique energy to the room. The Nelson Coconut Chair does just that. Originally designed in the 1950s, the chair is a standout, given its inverted coconut shape. It’s basically a coconut cut into 8 parts.

The shell under the seat is white, while the single-section upholstery can be customised in several colours. The Nelson chair truly incorporates an element of nature into the office with a modern touch. It is comfortable, inviting, and allows ease of sitting in any position.


Keypiece Communication Desk

The Keypiece Communication Desk is from our executive table range for managerial-level employees. This luxurious-looking unit is multipurpose and adds adaptability to the office. You can stay on top of all things at once with this desk, including meetings, working, consulting, video conferencing etc.

The generous space and two distinctive tables (one turntable), allow space for PCs and other necessary equipment to be placed at once. The cable management system, including sockets and loading station, is concealed, giving it an elegant look while serving all its functions.

It has storage space on the side as well for organising important documents and files around you. It is made with high-quality materials meant to serve the looks for decades.


Key Takeaway For Modern Office Decor!

When it comes to furniture in modern office decor, Apres Furniture is on top of everything that it entails. We offer contemporary office furniture solutions from scratch to finish and ensure you get the best of what you desire. Book a consultation now and see how you can revamp your workplace.