Modern Desks Workstations For Your Office

It’s not easy undertaking office renovations and revamping the whole look. It is heavy on the pocket and the mind because you are constantly overwhelmed with the options.

From flooring to walling to furniture, a myriad of choices is available. Making the right selection that compliments the aesthetics you’re looking for is challenging and a guide, in this scenario, serves as a lifesaver.


However, when it comes to furniture in particular, choosing the appropriate one is essential. You need to consider employee productivity and comfort while also making the workplace look visually stunning. Desks, in particular, should at least be appealing since they cover a lot of area, and the desktop is visible. Of course, a contemporary touch is also one factor you must keep in mind when selecting office furniture.


In this post, we will review the modern desk workstations available for you to review, so continue to read this post.


Ten-up Operative Desks

The Ten-up operative desks is a head-turner with its unique angled legs that give it a minimalistic look. With the option to customize it, you are in control of what the final product will look like while maintaining its originality.

The curved-legged table is available in single desk, double benching, extensions, and even full-length screen dividers of whatever colour you choose. You can even add pedestals or cabinets for more functionality.

The table top can also be customized as per your liking for the furniture to come together perfectly with the entire aesthetic of your workspace.


Van Duysen Bench Desk

The Van Duysen bench desk is a cubicle office workstation allowing up to 4 employees to sit together. Its modern-looking design with lacquered panels and Corian edging provides versatility to the furniture. The 100% wool Divina fabric is lined on the sides, providing a softer look to the space.

The best part is the individual desktops in this quad-desking system are height adjustable. This means every employee can adjust their table height at their convenience without compromising their colleagues’ working system.


Q40 Sit-Stand Bench Desk

The contemporary Scandinavian style of the Q40 sit-stand bench desk is what you need to get your hands on. Its minimalist look and complete functionality make this piece a must-have for your new office space.

It’s compact and completely motorized, allowing the employee to change its height setting with a button. If you have an open floor plan, the Q40 sit-stand desk is the one to get. The desk helps ensure your employee’s privacy, comfort, and cable management without everything looking chaotic.

This desk can also cater to any particular needs you may have. For example, enclosing the end gables with infill panels. You can customize the colour as per your office requirement.


Key Takeaway For Desk Workstations!

Modern furniture in a workplace speaks for itself. For something as significant as desk workstations that take up the basic space and are looked at the most, investing in the right one is essential. Trust us at Apres Furniture for all your modern desk workstation needs.