Modern Contemporary Office Design Exemplified

What do you think makes a great working environment? Do you value employee happiness, education and development?

Recent years have seen the perception of how employees function in their physical environment extend beyond the classic boardroom/open-plan office setup. There has been a shift in the philosophy behind modern contemporary office design, and more businesses are targeting a holistic design that contains environments aimed at effecting behaviours and delivering experiences.

This concept is the foundation of a ‘destination workplace’. It provides a culture that nurtures talent and promotes retention, empowering people and improving the perception of your brand. These are all aspects that result in a space where people like to spend their time, and when a destination workplace is executed correctly employees feel challenged, with the opportunity to share their knowledge and adapt their working space to their own unique patterns. If you provide your employees with the ideal facilities in which to work, they are more likely to achieve more – both for your company and for themselves.

Creating your own destination workplace

The thing that should pin down your choices for decoration, usage of space and furniture is your company culture. This sets the framework for quality modern contemporary office design, as it helps you understand what needs to be included and how to incorporate it effectively. Here are the key questions to ask yourself:

What is my mission?

When you set out your organisation’s mission, you address the question “why are we here?” Your employees and customers and clients alike need to understand your services, your target market and what makes you truly unique. For example, if collaboration is a core component of your company’s mission, then you might want to include furniture like the Element Modular Sofa, which is tailored to encourage communication in the workplace. Whatever your priorities, create an up-to-date mission statement to ensure you focus on the who, what, when, where and how of your organisation, and provide employees with the optimal environment.

What are my values?

The values of your company convey what truly matters to you. Your values will resonate with people, helping them to engage with your business and feel like they share common principles and goals. In modern contemporary office design, a great value to incorporate is a commitment to green practices and sustainability. These Pearl Meeting Chairs are made from 100% recycled PET-plastic bottles and are an elegant presence in meeting spaces. Commitment to sustainability shows great integrity, and your office furniture is a good way to communicate that value.

What are my standards?

It’s important to send out a statement of how people are expected to conduct themselves in relation to one another. You can lead by example on this front by providing an environment that considers the health and safety of your employees. The TNK Flex Office Chair includes ergonomic features that promote good posture for spinal health along with breath-ability to ensure the user stays cool on hot summer days. You should have high standards regarding the way people treat one another in your business, and providing quality furniture is a great place to start.

If you’re planning to re-imagine your workplace into a truly modern contemporary office design, a destination workplace is a great option. By developing your understanding of what will get the best out of your employees, you can make the right design and furniture decisions for your new workplace design.

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