Modern Balcony Furniture Trends

A well-rounded space with areas for all activities is a must-have. Staying confined to one room can easily exhaust you and make you feel demotivated to continue with other tasks. And, what is better than taking a breath of fresh air? To top it off, if that space is specifically designed for the purpose, the vibes hit deep, even if you’re at work!

A patio or deck is the place to soak in the morning sunlight or sip your evening tea. Modern offices have grown mindful about providing outdoor or designated balconies to their employees seeking a break from their tasks. Of course, they also have to keep up with how the world of interior design is working on modern balconies.
Let’s head on in and explore some furniture trends for a patio.


The Minimalist Affair

The new world order of interior design seeks minimalism. From pastel and neutral colours to modest furniture, the aim is for the space not to look bulky while also fulfilling its purpose.
Apres Furniture has a variety of outdoor chairs that fit the minimalist aesthetic. Our Sunray Chairs and Antelope Bench provide a subtle look to the entire space. Working around with earthy tones and similar colour schemes can provide a coastal-style vibe that is always a winner. It appears effortless while also maintaining the overall look.


The Science Of Shapes

Adding shapes and patterns to any space is tricky and requires a lot of concentration on the combinations one is making. The right kind of furniture must also compliment the entire look.
Our I’m Dreaming Armchair, Callita Chair, and Oppocement Chair are here to serve the looks while also providing a touch of shape to your office balcony. Each of the following will work with a unique aesthetic depending on what you’re looking for. These are modern, stylish, and a perfect piece of furniture to sit on to relax outdoors.
Of course, you need a table to complete the entire look. Apres’ Metal Side Table will be a good fit here, given it comes in different shapes and colours that will work perfectly with the whole aesthetic.


Old School

Going traditional with plastic or polymer furniture for the patio or balcony is a decision you will never regret. Its robust material and longevity go for the win. These can fulfil your daily rough and tough use needs at the office.

Apres Furniture has a wide range of such furniture pieces. The Amy Chair, Snow Chair, and Lim Coffee Table will be a good fit. These are durable, compact, and easily manageable.


Key Takeaway For Balcony Furniture!

Given all the balcony furniture options available, choosing the right one might be overwhelming. But worry not; the staff at Apres Furniture is here to guide you through everything. Besides a wide variety of choices, you also have the free hand to customize your desired pieces to fit your needs. All you have to do is reach out to us!