Meeting Room Pods Are The Future in 2023

Following the workplace trends from 2022 into 2023, we are sure that meeting room pods will only grow further in popularity. In addition, most organisations would agree that fitting a meeting room pod in your workspace is a wise decision.

Indeed, pods have become quite the talk of the town. If you are wondering why that is so, we are here to guide you. Meeting room pods come with several pros. Suppose you have enough space in your office premises, and a constant commotion irritating the employees who prefer working in silence, or a small group of people who need to come together for a conference call and yet find the meeting room an overcompensation. In that case, the meeting room pod will come quite handy.

Continue to read this post ahead to learn why meeting room pods have become such a necessity, and how Après Furniture has a role to play in it.


Improved Privacy

Lack of privacy is one of the primary problems that has surfaced as experts begin to forecast a drop in open-plan working. This type of facility is the ideal solution to accommodate this without having to break the budget or create any inconvenience, as a staggering 95% of workers say they require quiet, private rooms, yet 41% say they don’t have access to them.

Here, with no loss of connection to the outside world, Cell Pod Meeting Pods create focused rooms within rooms that promote concentration. Due to the system’s superior acoustics, they remove any distractions for individuals outside the Pod.


Pin Drop Silence

The issue of excessive noise has been more prevalent since open-plan offices have gained popularity. To reduce distracting background noise, acoustic materials are now commonly used to produce meeting booths and pods. Such is also the case with Air Acoustic Pods.

Acoustic mini pods for one person up to large office meeting pods can be created using Air Acoustic Pods, which are flexible, unfixed privacy rooms.


Enhanced Concentration

According to a study, we become distracted every eleven minutes, and distractions in or around workspaces account for 25% of lost time. Having a space where people can go to avoid visual and aural distractions will maintain focus and productivity.

The change occurring in the workplace from traditional working practices to surroundings that enable and encourage flexibility, agile working, and nomadic working patterns is best exemplified by Spacio Office Meeting Pods.

They produce the best conference rooms or private work areas in an open-plan office setting because they are a freestanding, room-in-room system. Spacio Office Conference Pods are built with the best glass panels and upholstered screen panels with acoustic lining to ensure insulation and a nearly noiseless meeting atmosphere.


Key Takeaway For Meeting Room Pods!

Meeting room pods have become prestigious in the business world and office spaces. This is because meeting room pods give you solitude for maximum productivity and lessen the chances of stressing you out. At Après Furniture, we have various meeting room pods that you can choose from. You can always consult our experts for custom solutions.