Making Modern Reception Design Hard Working

Have you noticed that in contemporary office layouts ‘less is more’?

This more minimalist attitude extends to reception areas, where there is even more emphasis on creating a clear, uncluttered approach to your business.

Thanks to the availability of luxury reception furniture that combines function with aesthetic attraction, that does not mean sacrificing some of the more important aspects of modern reception design though. Especially the need to project warmth and strong passive marketing messages.

The space imperative

One of the drivers in modern reception designs is the need to make the most of every square metre of workspace. Spacious foyers, with an array of comfortable chairs, tables, plants and display cabinets are largely a thing of the past.

Instead, it’s more usual to provide ‘just enough’ seating and brand identity features to make the right impression; without having too much redundant space in your front office or foyer.

Pressure on cost control also means many modern receptions serve multiple purposes. This includes having a receptionist with enough discreet desk space to multitask.

Some contemporary reception areas also have meeting pods – for discussions that aren’t particularly private or to enable staff to gather between visitors.

Having storage space in reception areas is handy if units are smart, stylish and preferably in-keeping with the company’s brand identity. For instance, Valde contemporary reception desks – available in wavy, circular or upright arrangements – can have shelves, filing units and lockable storage built-in.

Passive marketing in receptions

Your company can’t afford to overlook any opportunity to position and promote itself. This especially applies to reception areas, as first impressions count for a great deal!

Modern reception designs cash in on passive marketing with furniture and fittings that reflect the company’s brand identity. For example, are you projecting the impression that your company is cutting-edge and highly innovative? This would make something like Corian reception furniture ideal, with its creative blending of glass, steel, eco-friendly ‘concrete’, laminate and LED lighting. All in geometrical, eye-catching effects.

Or, perhaps you need your reception area to ‘say’ that you’re a traditional and reliable company, proud of its heritage and track record, in which case ageless and iconic reception furniture would be the best fit.

A good illustration of this is the sleek and timelessly efficient Counter Classic Line of reception desks, available in a wide range of colours.

Making your corporate message clear

The lasting impression you convey with your reception office design doesn’t have to be all about the subtle touches gained from colour palettes, ambient lighting and appropriate furniture though.

Many companies’ receptions provide multimedia presentations on screens for active marketing too.

The take-home from modern reception design is that even in the most compact spaces, it’s now possible to say a great deal to visitors, and make every inch work for you!

Much of the success of this comes from selecting purposeful but beautiful reception furniture with a lot to ‘say’.