Luxury Executive Desks Of 2022

Any manager would appreciate a good desk, especially one that empowers them. However, impressing the people under them is part of the equation too. It is a plus point if it has features that potentially increase efficiency. Often, executives favour desks with more storage, table space, and roomier underside. Cable ducts, cabinets, and high-end swivel chairs are the cherry on top.

If you are looking for luxury executive desks for 2022, we at Après Furniture have precisely what you need. Read on to find more.


Click Manager Desks

The premium office furniture solution offered by the Click Manager Desks series makes the office a reflection of a new way of life rather than just a place of business.

These workstations have wide consoles and roomy worktops, and the latter is adorned with leather pads, ebony, chromium-plated steel, or both. These opulent executive office desks stand out for their excellent construction materials and sophisticated designs.

When choosing the Click Manager Desks, modern managers and executives who care about design trends may find polished, practical, and aesthetically pleasing workstations.

Priority has been given to the richness of the materials and the beauty of the forms, which are made more intriguing by using wood veneer tops and high-quality material finishes. You can go for black or white lacquered crystal tops with polished chrome frames in the Click Manager line. Leather desk pads act as a sweetener to the material.


Diamond Executive Desks

The Hangar Design Group’s Diamond Executive Desk is a line of classy office desks for the modern workplace.

The triangular design of Sinetica Diamond Executive Desks, built with a special framework, delivers a striking and superior appearance. To make desks with trendier looks, modest panels, cabinets, and pedestals, as well as to provide integrated cable management, Diamond is available with extensions.

Diamond Management Desking is available with oak, melamine, or glass desktops for the elegant aesthetic that company executives need.


Glamour Executives Desks

Loved by many, designer executive office furniture by Baldanzi & Novelli includes Glamour Executive Desks. The characteristic thin-leg feature on the Sinetica Glamour Executive Desk accommodates a wide range of tabletop finishes.

The Glamour Managers Desking series is perfect for any lavish office decor and includes complementing cabinets, pedestals, and integrated cable management in combination with extensions to build desks with returns.


Swami Executive Desk

Perhaps the most expensive one of them all, this one is worth every dime. Organisational leaders, directors, and other esteemed clientele at the management level are the target market for the Swami Executive Office Desk. The use of quality material by designer Faruk Malhan will dazzle visitors, clients, and co-workers.

A panel system that frames the vertical surfaces with unique aluminium profiles supports the whole structure and covers the vertical surfaces. To prevent a hermetically boxed-in look and meant to give the artwork new life and vigour, the tabletop of the Swami Executive Office Desk is joined to the vertical surfaces but separated by a strategic air gap. As we said, worth every dime.


Key Takeaway On Executive Desks!

Spending your money on any executive desk labelled as “luxury” would be an amateur move, as they all say. You will find at Après Furniture that luxury comes second only to functionality. It is our honour to serve customers with not what they must have but what they need. After all, everybody keeps a budget in mind when shopping.