Lunch Will Be More Enjoyable With This Office Canteen Design

After working for long hours, employees need time for themselves. Lunch breaks are the perfect excuse to drop everything and placate that growling stomach. Anything for a few beats of their rhythm would suffice.

Of course, a break room with no interactive aesthetics is attributed as vain. In addition, what one should think as they enter the break room or office canteen is a vibe that says, ‘enjoy this moment’. This scenario implies a pop of colour, tables of different shapes and sizes, cool room dividers, and chairs that are both conventional and serve the right purpose here.

If you read this post, you will be introduced to furnishings that upgrade your office canteen design. After all, lunch would be much more enjoyable when you set it all up for your employees.


Four Real 741 Flake Tables

A gathering arrangement with a folding leg mechanism is the prominent Four Real 741 Flake Table. These tables are the ideal multi-functional table option since they are simple to put up and fold away by one person and have incorporated castors in the table legs.

The customisable canteen or open area concept has been built to be integrated across a variety of shapes and sizes, and optional features can be introduced to meet individual demands. For a versatile solution in the canteen or open office setting, pick from a range of colours and extra features.


Revolt Chairs

Friso Kramer’s Revolt Chairs are suitable for use in any setting, including the office, canteen, or home. The designer re-released the Revolt Chair in 2004 after it had been out of stock for a while. And once more, it demonstrated that it is well-liked and has something to offer, getting better over time.

Revolt is a genuinely traditional style that is available in white or black. It would be difficult to choose anything other than this chair for your break room furniture since it is an ergonomic flexible chair that delivers active support for any sedentary occupation.


Custom Room Dividers

Any workplace interior can be modified with the Custom Room Dividers. Custom-designed bespoke office room dividers can be designed to blend in smoothly with existing decor, subtly segment spaces, or stand out and be a focal point.

These bespoke room dividers may be customised to your exact specifications and are a great alternative for restaurants, workplace break rooms, and dividing rooms into contemporary open-plan offices.

The professional team used a CNC machine to produce an MDF framework for the curved custom room divider for the client’s office canteen area, then attached a specially made plywood skin and completed it with glossy plaster.


Emma Bar Stools

The Emma Bar Stool is a modern, wooden high stool that is a part of the Emma furniture collection for office break rooms. It extends the functionality of an upholstered or plywood seat shell, with a padded backrest for increased comfort, and is supported by four sturdy oak or beech legs. With the Emma High Stool, you can add a touch of elegance to your break rooms, cafeteria, or office canteen.


Key Takeaway For Office Canteen Design!

It is a nice gesture towards the employees when a lot of thought is given to a place where they are meant to relax and unwind. To look at options such as the ones above, navigate further across our website at Après Furniture.