Lockers And Storage For Agile Working Environments

Contemporary office designers place a great deal of importance on Agile Working. And while this allows employees a lot of freedom and enables them to work in a way best suited to their own needs and personality, it often means that staff – and their stuff – are scattered across the workspace. 

Agile working means that employees get to work, coat, laptop, umbrella and coffee in tow, looking around the floor for an available desk to use while making sure you don’t spill your latte over anything. But, agile working or hot desking also means flexibility, creativity, privacy, a better work/life balance, a focus on results and freedom to move next to the people you need to work with for a project.  As advancements are made in the way we work, manufacturers are hard at work, keeping up with solutions that cater for office work in the 21st century.

Office storage or lockers have become a necessity in the modern open plan and agile office: employees, after all, need a place to store both professional and personal effects.

The evolution of the office, together with the resurgence of lockers, brought about a speedy modernisation of the old-style locker. Personal office lockers now come standard with docking stations and various power outlets to ensure mobile devices remain topped up, while the latest technology in digital combination locks keeps valuables safe. With a myriad of manufacturers stepping forward, you won’t want for a choice of colour or design either, and personal storage and lockers range from portable plastic storage units to multi-colour floor-to-near-ceiling installations.

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Have a look at some of the lockers and storage units we offer:

MySpace™ Lockerprovides workers with secure lockable personal storage, ideal for employees who work on company laptops in a hot-desking environment. These lockers are available in numerous module heights and widths and closure options with the option of post slots. The units can also be finished in a variety of colours available off an exclusive colour palette.


Après‘ Smartbox Mobile Storage boxes provide portable storage of files and laptops to cater for flexible working in modern office environments. It’s very useful and efficient to have a portable, lightweight and resistant filing box and carry it between the main office storage to your desk or even your home. They even have colour-matching features for a better integration with the office design.

 Smartbox Hot Desking Storage