Lease Your Acoustic Pods And Save Money

Acoustic pods, like Spacio, fit perfectly with the wave of agile working and hot-desking that has swept over offices from London to New York and Johannesburg to Sydney.  

Acoustic pods, while not cheap, provide an integral service to any open plan office environment: giving employees the space to escape the hustle and bustle, even for just a few minutes, to focus on important tasks in solitude and privacy.

There is, however, a cost-effective and tax-savvy way you can acquire acoustic pods for your office without parting with a big lump sum or taking out a loan.
We offer asset-based finance, which is not only the smart way to acquire all the furniture you want without breaking the bank, it also comes with other handy benefits:

Spread costs over time:

There is no need tie up capital to acquire assets that traditionally only produce a return on investment over time. Once you make a set initial payment, you can acquire and start using the asset immediately, while spreading payments over the useful life of the equipment.

Unaffected Bank Lines:

Lease rental agreements do not impact your other borrowing options or lines of credit. And lease payments can be set against profit, thereby potentially reducing tax bills.

Tax benefits:

Private sector companies enjoy an attractive 100% tax deductible when leasing.

Spreading VAT:

Instead of paying VAT upfront as you would with a normal capital purchase, VAT is paid on each repayment.

Flexible repayments:

Lease payments can be tailored to match seasonal cash flow. You can also choose a fixed interest rate, which protects against interest rate rises and enables you to plan your budget effectively.

Simplifies financial management:

Updating office equipment often requires office furniture, equipment and services from various sources. You can include multiple items under one monthly payment for simpler budgeting and financial management.

Instant Cost Comparison Available:

We use a state-of-the-art online quotations system, providing instant quotations and highly competitive rates. There is no easier way to assess your options.
To boot, we’ve made the process of leasing very simple: Have a look at the acoustic booths you are interested in, get in contact with us and then we’ll give you a quote and explain the finances. After negotiating the competitive monthly rate and time span over which you want your lease to run, and making the initial payment, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of acoustic pods in your office.