Is Under Desk Storage The Solution For A Messy Desk?

Do your employees have a tendency to hoard items? Are their desks full of all sorts of unusual objects? Are they simply piled with paperwork? A survey by Brother found that 41% of employees believed that a clean and tidy workspace could enhance productivity. Meanwhile, 25% of those surveyed felt like their productivity was being negatively affected by someone else’s messy desk! Untidy desks increase stress. But is under desk storage always the best solution for a messy desk.

Under desk storage keeps everything close

There are many benefits to installing under desk storage. A good under desk storage solution will keep items out of the immediate workspace, whilst ensuring that they’re still within easy reach if ever they’re needed. There are many options for under desk storage, including desk pedestals that include space for files, folders and paperwork.

Under desk storage can be personalised

Your employees are individuals. They’re unique. They have a unique way of working. What works for one will not always work for another. By providing each person with under desk storage, you give them the option to customise. One person might use a drawer for paperwork, one for personal belongings and another for stationery. A different person might arrange their storage very differently.

With under desk storage, your employees are free to see what works best for them. And, if they move to a new desk, their storage system can move with them.

Under desk storage may not be your best option

Consider other options, before settling on under desk storage.

If your employees are cluttering their desks with personal items like bulky wireless headphones, their lunchboxes, mobile phones, cycle helmets and other items from home, perhaps office staff lockers are a better solution? They’re great for belongings that aren’t used at work, keeping them out of reach so that they’re not a distraction.

Ask your employees to consider every piece of paperwork that is kept at their desk. Do they still need it? If not, could they shred the document and increase security, or could it be returned to a central file storage area to be accessed by other people? Many of the files that your employees are keeping may not even need to be at their desks.

Under desk storage can take up valuable leg room, so be sure to measure before you buy. Make sure that you leave enough space for your employees to work in comfort, no matter which office storage you choose from Apres Furniture.