Investing In Reception Sofas To Make A Good Impression

You know what they say about first impressions, right? Well as a business, your reception area can be hugely influential to the way in which your company is perceived. After all, this is the first space at your headquarters that will be seen by existing clients, potential clients, suppliers and other guests.

Reception areas have a role which is both functional and stylistic, and one of the key pieces of standard and luxury furniture which typically inhabits them are sofas. In this blog, we look at the reasons why investing in the right kind of reception sofas can start you off on the right foot with visitors.

Make the wait great

Reception areas can expect a steady flow of visitors throughout the day. Depending on timings, the availability of meeting pods and rooms, and the schedules of those welcoming them, there is a good chance that some visitors might have to wait until they are seen to. This could be anyone from job candidates to suppliers or potential clients. It might be a one minute or 20-minute wait – the same principle applies; your visitors should be accommodated in comfort. Waiting while a company representative makes their way to reception from executive desks risks becoming an irritation if there is no comfortable seating. But by investing in a quality reception sofa, you can make waiting time pleasant, leaving a good first impression.

Three’s a crowd?

There is the chance that certain times of the day can be busier than others in terms of visitor numbers. Should a few visitors arrive on site around the same time, without adequate seating, you risk encountering an awkward situation whereby visitors might have to stand until they are escorted to another part of your premises. This can leave a bad taste in the mouth, and the feeling that your site simply isn’t big enough to cope. Avoid this scenario by investing in reception sofas which can seat between five and ten people, giving you more than enough space to handle high visitor volumes.

Look the part

If you are going to leave visitors with a good impression of your reception area, it is important to invest in a sofa which matches well with the other design elements of the space. Whether you choose leather, faux leather, polyurethane, or another, softer material; the important thing is to choose a style which puts across the right image of your organisation. The design you choose is likely to be influenced by the type of company you are – corporates might plump for more formal models, and choose conservative colours such as black or blue. Creative companies might be a little more adventurous with their styling, opting for louder colours such as green or yellow. Whichever style you select, be sure to maintain your sofa so that it looks the part.

If you are in the market for a reception area furniture, we hope we have given you some food for thought in this blog. A comfortable, well-kept reception area can be a superb way to welcome visitors and set the tone for positive meetings.