Invest In Funky Home Office Furniture For The Ultimate Looks

Your home and office have distinctive features that do not mix. Your house sure does not have a reception area for your guests, and an executive does not run your home on the top floor. It is pretty straightforward, so it becomes quite hard to bring that professional air into your home when you are setting it all up.

You can consider optimising your study with a balanced vibe of both sophistication and funkiness to create a professional space, particularly when you are working from home.

At Après Furniture, we help makes it effortless for you to design your study/home office. If trendy yet polished and suave is what you are going for, read along to get to know the best funky home office furniture and the reason to invest in them.


Overdose Cabinets

As a part of Bulo’s Carte Blanche line, Overdose Cabinets are an odd and quirky home office storage solution with purposefully skewed storage compartments for a unique style. The Belgian designer’s mess and the idea of creating “order through the disarray” served as inspiration.

Overdose Cabinets are quirky and distinctive pieces of home furniture that will undoubtedly spark conversation. Surprisingly useful, the storage spaces provide a striking way to hold documents, books, keepsakes, and media.


Bataille ibens Z-Table

Designers Claire Bataille and Paul Ibens came up with the Bataille ibens Z-Table. The Z-Table is a stunning home office desk with a zig-zag design that stands out from the crowd. The fun part is that it is available in the most vibrant colours, yellow and blue.

The Z-Table wonderfully embodies Bataille ibens’ design approach of continual consideration of proportions, material selection, and attention to detail. It has a steel frame and an aluminium table top that is epoxy lacquered in blue, yellow, rust, black, or white or left uncoloured.


Wilmer T Armchair O56T

The Wilmer T Easy Chair, a soft seat with gentle lines and great practicality, was developed by Stefan Borselius. It is a multipurpose, easy chair for the contemporary workplace or home.

A low-side table and laptop worktop table are ingeniously merged with a cosy covered armchair on a frame by Wilmer T Chair and Tables. The Wilmer T Armchair O56 makes it impossible to distinguish between the “past, present, and future, in addition to between work and home,” incorporating flexibility in its aesthetics.


Elbow Armchair

Elbow Armchair’s mid-century modern design has a classic yet funky style that will go with any décor, whether it is in corporate lounges, break-out areas for offices, or your very own study. Elbow Armchair is stunning and trendy with its parallel lines and creative design.

The Elbow Armchair has a webbed seat and back, a fixed CMHR foam seat, and an internal frame made of oak with a  clear lacquer finish. These characteristics polish up the chair’s looks even more.

It is made in Great Britain with a frame made of European Oak and is meant to survive extensive usage, particularly in workspace contexts. It was made ethically, with 97.7% of the chair recyclable, and all of the wood used was FSC-certified and derived from sustainable sources.


Key Takeaway For Home Office Furniture !

It is never too late to have fun with home office furniture. You could work surrounded by an ambience you chose, helping in the whole process of getting done with your job. If you are searching for a place to get started, professionals at Après Furniture will be able to assist you with your requirements and also provide bespoke furniture solutions.