Introducing The Brand New Spacio® Mini Work Pod

Spacio® Mini Work Pod is a single person privacy booth for escaping the office noise and getting down to work. It affords the user just that little more space (when compared to the Office Mini Pod) to get comfortable and get down to business.

As standard, these units come fitted with a work surface, which has a nanolaminate top with plywood edge finish and measures 508mm in depth. The Spacio Mini Work Pod also comes fitted with a PAR infrared sensor to automatically sense when the pod is in use, switching on the lighting and ventilation when a user steps inside. This will then also automatically switch off after a while if there is no activity in the pod.

The unit also features 3 acoustically lined screened walls and a front-facing glazed wall with a sliding door. At 70mm, the screens are not only very rigid, they can also carry a lot of weight externally and a lot of acoustic foam internally. The permutations are endless with this screen and the addition of an acoustic ceiling achieves a high level of speech privacy – 95%. The design of the walls and the roof system is such that sound reduction and sound absorption is optimised for superior acoustics.

The Spacio® Office Mini Work Pod is demountable and customisable, unlike partitioning, there are no dilapidation costs to consider. These office mini work pods can furthermore be linked to one another by sharing panels resulting in a saving of both space and cost.

External Frame Finishes: Spacio® offer two frame finishes namely Galax Dark and Comet Ice, while the panel colour can be customised to just about any colour conceivable.

Spacio mini pod spacio-mini-work-pod-07 spacio mini work pod

Spacio Mini Work Pod Dimensions in mm:
Width: 2032