Introduce Modular Seating With The Bob Sofa

Who said seating should be boring? The Bob Sofa lets you stretch your creativity and form just about any short or long configuration. The family offers 5 soft seating components that can be arranged in a manner that suits your space and layout: if the interior space calls for it to be long and wide (or short and thin), the modular and flexible Bob sofa allows you to achieve it.

It’s modular nature also means that it is not fixed and if you tire of a certain configuration – or if your space requirements change after a few new hires, simply rearrange the Bob Sofa into a new arrangement that suits your needs better. Add charging points for electronic devices and you’ve got a space where your agile workers or waiting clients will be happy to spend their time. Available in a selection of colours, you can either let Bob become a focal point in the office or let it blend into the rest of the interior space.



bob-modular-seating-03  Bob Sofa

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