Install Aircharge In Your Breakout Areas


Cables and chargers are the banes of our modern, techno-driven worlds. For all the cool technological things clever turtle-neck wearing, spectacle-sporting people are inventing, we’re still forced – and bound – to shoving wires into our devices’ to ensure we can carry on playing Candy Crush on our commutes home.

Luckily the Aircharge Wireless Phone Charger is set to change all of this.

It is the ultimate in convenience when it comes to charging your mobile smartphones and tablets. Having Aircharge wireless phone chargers installed in the office at your desk, in the breakout and reception area make charging effortless, taking away the need to locate a power socket and fiddle around with chargers and cables.

The charger is fully compatible with a number of the latest mobile devices that have wireless technology built in as standard including Nokia Lumia, Samsung & Nexus – at present over 80 handsets – and the list is ever increasing. Aircharge comes available in a choice of finishes, this inspired modern product is designed to fit standard 80mm desk grommets and is incredibly simple to install.

Aircharge Aircharge Wireless Charger


It can be applied to other areas of the workplace and home; bringing power to the user offering a smart solution to keeping your devices charged up and a convenience that will add value to any environment.