Improve Your Posture While Sitting At Your Desk

Sitting is bad. We all know that, but the reality is that most of us are bound to a desk for most of the day. Luckily Dutch designer Mirjam de Bruijn came up with a collection called Asana, and she aims to negate the negative effects of sitting at your desk by improving your posture with this collection. Have a look and see how you can improve your posture:

Sitting down to hammer away at a keyboard for eight hours a day is a relatively new occurrence in the scope of human development, and our bodies are protesting against the curvatures chairs force us into. Big time.

As a result of prolonged sitting, we’re experiencing a rise in cases of colon cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Oh, and don’t forget osteoporosis, diabetes and slower brain function, to name but a few.

We, however, have a few tricks up our sleeve: active furniture that keeps you fit while you sit.

Humanscale‘s Foot Machine functions much in the same way as a rocking chair does. Its ball bearing rollers encourage movement, which in turn heightens the circulation of blood in the lower legs, preventing problems like varicose veins. It also sports a nifty number of built-in massage balls to stimulate blood flow in our feet.

These desks from Mikomax allow you to work at a height comfortable to you. Therefore standing becomes a possibility. Their Stand Up Desk is height adjustable from 650mm to 1250mm, which means it can be adjusted, with the flick of a switch, to fit everyone from the tallest to the shortest.

Having your computer screen at the right height is also very important – screens that are either too high or too low will cause you back, neck and shoulder pain. The most ergonomic viewing height of a computer screen is to have your eyes level with an imaginary line about two or three inches below the top of the monitor. And that’s where the Wishbone from CBS comes in. This flat screen monitor arm is fully adjustable so you can work comfortably, assuming an optimum posture whether you sit or stand.