How To Increase Productivity In The Workplace

Have you ever noticed how much your productivity is boosted when you’re in a clutter-free environment? Our brains are attracted to the mess surrounding us, instead of the task at hand. Once we feel like we have an increased amount of space to work in, we tend to work more effectively. This is due to allowing our mind to properly focus. Marie Kondo is a prime example of this – she shows us how to organise our homes, giving us a new kind of motivation to declutter not only our minds but also our environment. The same applies to a workplace, working in a cramped office which is lacking colour and is surrounded by aged furniture is going to kill our motivation. This is due to our brains being overwhelmed. But not to worry, we offer a number of quirky and practical solutions to your workspace problems.


Storage solutions

When it comes to storage, having a place to house your belongings can create a world of difference. Creating your own storage space is key and it’s a great way to free up more space whilst keeping your belongings tidy. The C Box Pedestal is not only a fantastic storage solution, it is also compact. The pedestal can be manufactured to include a lockable drawer and is also multi functional as it doubles up as a seat.

Getting the right chair

Not one person is the same, so why should their chair be? Having the right chair to sit in can be life-changing at work. Being able to sit comfortably day in and day out is key. Not only will it relieve our bodies from stress but it will also help us to relax, which increases our productivity levels. With over 160 office chairs to choose from, your employees will be able to find their perfect chair and consequently, it will provide you with a happier workforce.

Having a break

It is crucial to have a break which includes time away from the screen. According to HSE, we should take breaks often from our screens even if this is only 5-10 minutes every 50-60 minutes. Not only does this help our eyes and stop them from getting tired, but having an area where employees can sit down away from their desk and have a drink or a conversation can help to boost productivity.

Creating the perfect staff room

Staff rooms are usually rammed with tables and chairs, and not a lot else. The majority of money and resources nowadays is being invested in computers and work areas, but having a room which allows staff to relax is just as important. It’s all about the added extras that your employees can enjoy. For example, this Dan Ping-Pong Table allows staff to be active on their lunch break, which can be beneficial after sitting down for so long. For those who prefer to read books or listen to a podcast during their free time, having accessible furniture at hand is a must. Purchase giant donut pouf for some additional comfort or opt for the Amoebe chair which is wonderful for a little privacy in a busy room.

These are just a few of the pieces that you can add to a workplace to make it more productive. To get your own custom pieces or to browse the rest of the modern office furniture on offer, speak to one of our furniture consultants.