How Sustainable Are Office Pods?

When it comes to buying office furniture, people are usually polarized. It becomes difficult for them to decide whether to buy inexpensive furniture that will last their company only a few years or to buy costly but durable and sustainable furniture that promises to remain functional and presentable for many years.

Office pods tend to be one such furniture item, causing the buyers to undergo a fair amount of dilemma as to whether they should invest in it or not.

Here are a few reasons why our office pods are sustainable and durable and promise to stick by you through thick and thin!


Pods That Last Longer

When you invest in high-quality office pods, you ensure you don’t have to purchase them shortly. In this way, you save yourself a lot of the hassle that comes with visiting furniture companies and the setup and installation of it.

Our office pods promise to stick by you even if you relocate your office; our furniture is easy to dismantle and reconfigure. Investing in our premium quality office pods saves you time and effort that can be channelled into something more productive for your company.


The Notion That You Are Being Frugal

Cheaper items cost you more in the long term: at first, it may appear that you have saved money. However, it may cost you more money in the long term since they will most probably need to be replaced.

At Apres, we ensure our office pods last you for a decent amount of time by making them with only the best, most durable materials that serve you well worth your investment- an example of this is the Spacio Work Pod.


Specially Catering To Your Needs

Getting your hands on low-cost office pods that also suit your requirements is rare: cheap office pods frequently have one-size-fits-all designs and other constraints. This might make it challenging to choose the proper one that fits your office space precisely. For example, office phone booths are a smaller size so are cheaper but have similar features to other larger pods.

However, our high-quality office pods come in a wide range of styles and colours. Most importantly, you may be able to customize and tailor them to your specific requirements, investing in something that perfectly fits your office space and caters to your company’s individual needs.


More Uniqueness, Comfort, and Style

Although functional, cheap office pods never provide the same level of comfort as a high-quality pod. There is nothing unique or different about these pods, and they don’t add taste and style to your office the way our high-quality, one-of-a-kind office pods do.

We design our office pods to provide your employees with the utmost comfort and luxury. Our pods are functional and aesthetic, elevating
your overall office look and making it look classy and tasteful. They also add a touch of uniqueness to your office space.



At Apres, our forte lies in the fact that we deliver both function and style hand in hand, ensuring your utmost comfort and ease whilst enhancing your overall office look. Have a look at the huge collection of useful, classy office furniture on our website to find something that fits your workplace requirements the most.