How Spacio Office Meeting Pods Can Increase Employee Happiness

We spend most of our lives at work and it shouldn’t be something to dread each time you wake up in the morning. Going the extra mile when it comes to office furniture can make work more pleasurable as tasks are easier to finish and the work environment is pleasing for workers to look at. It’s important for workers to be happy, on both a moral and business level as research shows that happy employees are more productive in the workplace. Here are three reasons why office meeting pods are exactly what you need if you want to increase staff happiness levels.

1. A break from distractions

Isolation can do wonders for stress levels, giving your employees a chance to get some space on a busy day. Phone and Skype interviews are a vital part of business; one call is enough to make or break your profit margins or article success. An office booth is free from any noise pollution, allowing you to remain professional and focused during an important call. An office booth can also make your meetings flow more productively as you are forced to concentrate on work ideas instead of distracting visual and noise stimulus from workers in other departments.

2. Beautiful aesthetics

An organised and stylish environment is a delight to work in. Our bespoke office pods can be tailored to suit your company building and can look as eccentric or understated as you would like. The weekly work meeting will be a breath of fresh air from the daily grind; employees will be happier to contribute their own ideas once they are surrounded by brand colours and elegant furnishings in the meeting pod.

3. Enhanced creativity

Creative thought can be hard, especially when surrounded by the hectic sounds of the office. However, creativity is a crucial aspect of every business when it comes to marketing and branding. Having a creatively productive day can leave workers feeling content and more accomplished, which is why meeting room pods are crucial as they allow you to focus solely on the task at hand. Brainstorming ideas on your own or in a group is so much easier without frustrating visual and audio distractions blocking your creative flow. Contact a member of Aprés Furniture to discuss your office meeting room pod size and design options.