How Important Is A Good Office Chair?

When redesigning an office, or moving to a new building, you often want to refresh every bit of furniture (including your office chair) and create a whole new company aesthetic. What would you say one of the most important parts of this is for employee satisfaction? Having breakout spaces? Painting the walls an energising yet calming colour? Having the right mix of open and private space?

While all of these factors come into play when setting up the ideal office space, one of the most vital things to get right is the chairs. This might sound unlikely, but believe us – it’s true!

Why is this the case? We have some thoughts and ideas about how executive chairs can keep your employees happy.

How you spend your time

Think about this: how do you spend the majority of your time at work? Unless you have invested in a standing desk, the likely answer is sitting. You can be sitting for the majority of your eight hour work day, and doing so uncomfortably can cause back problems, aches and pains, low mood, and a decreased work output.

Introducing executive chairs decreases these unhappy side effects of an office job by a huge amount, allowing employees to focus on work rather than on why their neck hurts.

A caring workplace

Investing in a good office chair for your employees shows them that you care about their comfort. Executive chairs are comfortable and promote good posture, which will increase employee wellness overall. When you give your staff good furniture, it functions much like a reward, showing them that you are as invested in their wellbeing as they are in providing you with top-quality work.

Reduce distraction

Can you think clearly with a headache? Do you struggle to focus if you’re feeling under the weather? The same thing happens when sitting in an uncomfortable office chair.

In order to relieve pressure, you shift about and fidget, and these micro-movements can break your focus without you even realising it. If you notice that employee productivity is down, something as simple as upgrading from your old office chairs to some new ones could help a lot.

Reflecting your values

Not only does great office furniture improve the mental attitude and physical wellbeing of employees, but it also improves the image of your company. If you are going for a full redesign or even just adjusting some key pieces in your organisation, shabby old office chairs bring down the whole room. Remember that you will need to replace them more often than a lot of furniture because of how well used they are, but buying quality executive chairs could help to reduce this turnover and keep staff happier for longer.

If you’re looking for high-quality executive chairs, browse our range today.