How Does Office Design Affect Company Culture

How does office design affect company culture? Where you work affects how you work. Representing your company’s culture through your design is a practical and subtle way to embody and enforce the elements of your business’ culture that you feel are vital for staff morale and your continued success. So, how does changing your office design influence your culture and what are some quick and simple ways to make a change that maximises your productivity and shows what you and your team stand for.

Displaying a commitment to staff

Modern employees know their value and understand when employers do too. Investing in furnishings that are aesthetically pleasing and of high utility can help your staff operate more effectively and with a greater sense of purpose. This can include minimalistic executive desks with cabling storage to commit to reducing clutter, conference tables with sufficient space for detailed note taking, or task chairs that provide proper support for working over long durations. Investing in employee comfort and their ability to work can increase productivity and encode your culture and commitment to care.

Enabling flexibility

The modern company needs to be reactive to change and accommodate what can often, quite literally, be last-minute demands to change your working practices. Allowing this high degree of flexibility can be incredibly useful when it comes to consolidating your culture. This can be as simple as providing dedicated office seating to host last-minute calls, having an acceptable acoustic space to meet or work undisturbed during crunch times, or just giving you the ability to redesign your space to suit a changing working practice with mo[].

Respecting space

Many office jobs require employees to undertake what can often be intensive phone calls. Operating in a smaller space means that meeting rooms can be double-booked or unavailable, which can be problematic when taking a call in a busy office is not a valid option. However, just because the floorspace of your office is small, it doesn’t mean that your employees and clients have to compromise on sound or working quality. Installing acoustic baffle can help absorb the sound of phone calls, raised seating can provide a valuable alcove to talk through projects, and a dedicated dining space can help break up the day and show a commitment to respecting your employee’s working day.

Appearance to clients

A strong aesthetic is almost always a driver for company confidence. Embodying this through your design is not only a way to live your culture, but to show your clients the values that you and your business hold most dear. This can be an open, welcoming reception design that embodies a commitment to client relationships or an office that prizes luxury desks, letting the dedication to your work show through in the space you work in. This lets you remain authentic and instantly communicate to your staff and clients how you work and what you expect from them. If you want to learn more about the wide range of options available when it comes to embodying your business culture, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team directly and let us know exactly how we can help realise your design.