How Does A Reception Sofa Reflect Your Office Culture?

It is at your reception area where your brand starts. The interior design of the first space in your office that clients, guests, and employees enter must be top-notch. It sends a strong message to whoever enters the vicinity. It must exude a welcoming vibe that reflects your expertise and professionalism.

If your brand is fun and vibrant, for example, you would want the people on your front desk and neighbouring elements to make the visitor feel that way too. Similarly, your reception area will make a distinctive statement if you are a luxury brand.

Well, believe it or not, furniture plays the most important role in this. Find out how an office reception sofa can help your business achieve the first step of its mission.

Check out these soft seating options.


Yuku Sofa

Yuku, in Japanese, stands for ‘going forward’, and the designers particularly named it as such to reflect what they aimed for. The Yuku Sofa is a flexible module that can be used as a single unit or placed with others to make a big seating configuration.

It is perfect for the reception area since it has a unique character, and every piece reflects its personality. Even when placed as a single unit, the Yuku Sofa stands out. It has a solid wood and plywood frame and a stretchable fabric covering upholstery giving it a modern look.

The armrests are the feature most loved about the Yuku Sofa. It can be customised in any colour fitting your office reception aesthetic.


Vale Sofa System

Given how reception areas are the busiest, the furniture installed here must be rough and tough while also serving the looks. The Vale Sofa System is here for just that. It includes a number of different units that come together to make one big modular sofa. This includes corner units with armrests, benches, and sofas. These can be configured anyway and fit dynamic layouts.

Since you are at liberty to personalise the Vale Sofas in any other way, you can go all out with colours and create a funky vibe or go towards warm shades if that is what you seek.


Shuffl Modular Sofa

The Shuffl Modular Sofa combines flexibility, storage solutions, and seating comfort all in one. Since it has different units, it can be configured any way you like. This means you can change the sitting layout of your reception area from time to time and change how the room looks periodically.

This reception sofa is complemented by a plant box that can serve as both, a table and a room divider. It has a unique design detail on the upholstery that adds to its overall look. It reflects a warm vibe due to its shape and features, and this is also how your reception area would feel.


Key Takeaway For Reception Sofa!

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