How Biometric Health Screenings Benefit Your Employees

If you are an employer looking to extend your employee benefits in a cost-effective fashion, biometric health screenings can be a bright idea. It’s the same principle as investments such as modern office furniture, executive desks and meeting pods – making things easier for your employees can pay off.

A healthier workforce can be a happier workforce, and for organisations which operate in fast-paced, high-pressure sectors, employees appreciate the convenience of a health check which doesn’t require them to visit the doctors. But that is just one of the benefits. In this blog, we run through several reasons why biometric health screenings benefit your employees.

Detect diseases

You might be under the impression that if you had a disease, you would know about it. But this is not always the case, as some people with illnesses can be asymptomatic. That means that a general health checkup could be vital in detecting the presence of a disease, and taking immediate action to treat it. Many employees might not have the time to attend a general health assessment, but when the appointment is conveniently arranged at their workplace, it becomes more manageable.

Identify chronic illnesses

By the same token, some chronic conditions can sometimes be dismissed as little niggles or problems which will come and go. It could be anything from back pain to a bad stomach – the key thing is to get assessed and understand the steps of managing the condition, and recovering from it, if possible. Doctors at biometric health screenings allow employees to discuss any health issues, no matter how insignificant they may seem.

Time saver

Quite simply, employees benefit from biometric health screenings by reducing lost time. For many, a doctor’s appointment can equate to a disrupted afternoon or morning. While it may only take an hour or less, travel to and from the doctor’s surgery can amount to several hours away from work. In fast-paced sectors in which every minute is precious, employees can welcome the chance to stay on track with their work, thanks to on-site biometric health screenings.

Preventive steps

The tests which employees will typically take at biometric health screenings can be a great indicator of the healthiness of their lifestyle. From assessing body mass index (BMI) to blood pressure and blood cholesterol tests, these are ways of telling if an employee is putting themselves at greater risks of conditions such as obesity, diabetes or heart disease. Once an employee is made aware that they could benefit from lifestyle changes, they can put in place steps which can help prevent these conditions.

Valuable guidance

Following the results of their biometric health screenings, some employees can benefit from the guidance of a health coach who can help them to make lifestyle changes that are necessary to reduce the risk of serious conditions. From altering diet to adjusting sleep patterns and doing more exercise, biometric health screenings can include the provision of a wellness plan which can lead to improved health.

As you can see, the case for biometric health screenings is a strong one. For employers serious about improving the health of their workforce, biometric health screenings allow them to take matters into their own hands.