How Big Should A Conference Table Be In An SME?

Even in the digital age, not all business interaction revolves around exchanging data on devices! Though there is a strong trend towards conducting business remotely and limiting the number of physical meetings, it’s still vital to make the right impression when you gather staff, clients or suppliers at your HQ. Hands up if you’ve been to see a client or supplier and tried to talk business above the noise of a public coffee shop or hotel bar. Or, had an appointment with a key contact squished up in a communal area, with staff reaching across you to access refreshments or chat to colleagues. If you have an SME that means business, this sort of short cut is not recommended. You need to host professional and efficient meetings. The right conference table can support communication, collaboration and good relationships with your stakeholders.

How big should a conference table be?

The size of the conference table you choose as the focal point of meetings depends on several factors, including the dimensions of your meeting room of course! Try not to fill the room in a cramped and uncomfortable way. However, office space is now at a premium, so your conference table may have to share a room with other equipment and activities. One option is to use flexible worktables that can be moved and interlocked to create a large meeting surface, or used separately as individual workstations.

How many delegates – and devices – will there be?

The other thing to consider when deciding the best conference table for an SME, is just how many people will it accommodate? Also, keep in mind that many delegates will need to have access to technology during their interaction. It makes sense to invest in meeting or board tables that offer good access to power points – or a modular conference table – if you are likely to need space for multiple devices and shared screens. Circular or oblong tables with central “cut outs” are ideal, such as the State Conference and Meeting Table System. If you have enough space and you intend to host meetings for larger groups, it’s impressive and gives your SME gravitas to seat delegates along a smooth, sweeping conference table that sits 20 people.

Building brand identity

When selecting a size and type of conference table, much hinges on what sort of brand you’re developing too. For example, if you want to portray that your SME is solid, resilient and “built to last” you could opt for a substantial custom-made concrete conference table that looks amazing in any boardroom. Edition conference tables are modular and can be reduced in size or added to for different meeting numbers. A tech company that wants to show off its credentials as cutting edge and super slick may prefer an architect-designed glass-topped table that fits effortlessly into contemporary office interiors. These too can be ordered in a variety of sizes and configurations. Design and marketing companies who want to look innovative and stand out – but who also want to make the most of compact board or meeting rooms – could consider Tao Meeting Tables with their stripped-down elegance and stunning square, circular or barrel-shaped executive chairs to match.

Measure the space and your meeting aims

Once you have the dimensions of the room, and a clear idea of the impression you want to give, match your conference table size requirements to our range or contact us for ideas and assistance.