How Are Millenials Changing Corporate Workplace Culture?

As Millenials continue to scale up the corporate ladder, expect radical changes in the culture of workplaces. The millenial generation is becoming increasingly important for the success of companies, a fact that makes understanding their needs essential. Your company needs to attract the best Millenials by promoting a culture where they will thrive and feel motivated. However, you need to understand how this generation is shaking up organizational culture with these massive transformations:

Remote working

Companies are increasingly embracing working from home, thanks to the need to accommodate Millenials who demand flexibility. Once considered a luxury, remote working is now a requirement for some of the most important employees in organisations. Large conglomerates like Yahoo allow their employees to work from home, ditch the commute, and spend time with their kids.

Open office designs

Millenials have led to the adoption of open offices that enhance interaction with top managers, unlike the old designs with hierarchical touch, which affected workplace harmony. They prefer to work in a naturally lit environment with elegant furniture but with more engagement and more opportunities to not only exchange ideas but also improve feedback. You are likely to encounter modern office furniture that has transformed the interior of workplaces with the intention of creating a conducive working environment.

Transparency and integrity

The young generation is more focused on good service delivery rather than unhealthy competition and individual achievement. The group will benefit companies with their determination for the common good in environmental, financial, and social spheres. The generation is made up of individuals who are purpose-driven and possess the innate responsibility of taking the world forward. It is common for a millennial to reject offers and interaction with brands that are not transparent and do not address important community issues.

High technology

In an era of technological innovations across the world, more companies are quickly shifting towards new methods of automation and task completion. Most firms are aiming at staying ahead in terms of streamlined processes through better systems that have improved efficiency and speeds. Even the small companies are slowly embracing the new technologies as they get rid of the traditional paper trail practices.

The effect of millennials on workplace culture is expected to continue with an overall increase in productivity and efficiency. As we move forward, expect to see a transformation in communication, leadership, motivation, autonomy, and performance evaluation. These will make the working environment more interesting and fun, even as Millenials pursue things they are passionate about and love.