How A Soundproof Pod Provides A Private Workspace For The Office

Open plan offices are as popular as ever, and we offer a range of elegant solutions to provide private workspaces in even the busiest office environment. With the inclusion of a soundproof pod, you can hold anything from small meetings or video conferences to private telephone calls. They can even be used as a means to escape the noise of a busy workspace. Each soundproof pod is specially designed with advanced soundproofing features that cover the walls and floors, offering protection against noise as high as 45 dB. The doors are fabricated from high-quality insulated glass, adding additional soundproofing power to the pods.

Stressful work environments

In any office space where conceptual work is being carried out, noise levels have a direct impact on staff productivity. Unfortunately, open office spaces that lack proper acoustics can get very loud during busy periods, and this leads to worker fatigue and loss of working efficiency. A soundproof pod provides effective isolation from this type of environment. It can thus serve as a space for temporarily escaping the noise, or for holding video conferences and small staff meetings. The interior of every soundproof pod in our range is inviting and comfortable, ensuring a pleasant experience for users.

Elegant and versatile

The pods can be bought in 4 sizes: there is a single-person pod, one for 2-3 people, a 4-person pod and the largest can hold up to 6 people. Every pod is fitted with energy-efficient LED lighting, a motion-controlled ventilation system and special media ports that can be adapted for the needs of the user. Single-person pods also feature a laptop shelf, so they are highly space-efficient. The larger pods have enough space to accommodate executive chairs, so meeting room tables can be added for maximum effect. Cable management facilities are also included without compromising on stability, so you can minimise clutter and maintain a neat, slick look at all times. The design of the pods is extremely modern, with an industrial look t hat will fit elegantly into the decor of most contemporary office furniture and spaces. There are various colour options available for all the pods in our range, so you get to make the important choices that will work for your space. They are easy to move and position, and are completely wheelchair accessible.

Choosing the right supplier for office furniture

Providing private, quiet spaces in the office is an increasingly important consideration for companies as pressure on employees continues to grow. The mental health of your staff can be greatly improved by offering facilities where they can de-stress, and keeping productivity as high as possible should always be paramount. Furthermore, the efficiency of using these compact spaces to hold video conference calls and small meetings really helps get the most out of your space, and if your meetings and calls require confidentiality then the soundproof features of these booths are ideal. For the comprehensive, efficient solution the modern open plan office demands, we have you covered.