How A Meeting Robot Could Help You In 2021

The way in which we conduct business has changed a lot in the last year. With working from home being an ongoing situation for many people and some working in an office environment only part-time, we have had to come up with new and creative ways of feeling like a team.

One way to ensure that everyone in the company feels included and not isolated by this change in circumstance is by holding meetings using an incredible meeting robot called the GoBe Robot. This handy piece of tech could revolutionise the way we carry out meetings, and the benefits speak for themselves.

Flexible working

For those who have children or simply cannot get into the office every day, missing meetings has been a difficult issue for a long time. Organised meetings can be planned for in advance, but an impromptu staff catch up is not so easy to attend at a moment’s notice.

A meeting robot can improve the chances of involvement by offering a simple solution that does not require a physical presence. Unlike a phone call, this reliable tech makes you feel as though you really are “in the room”, with more control and more of a voice.

Safer conditions

In the current times, the fewer people physically present in meetings, the better. It is more hygienic and safer to have more people “dialling in” than it is to have them come into the office itself.

With working from home being actively encouraged for the time being, a meeting robot allows staff members who stay at home to be in meetings safely, whether they are unwell or well. It also reduces the number of people it is necessary to have in your building overall.

Keep everyone included

Isolation and feeling left out is a common complaint from those working from home. A phone call or even a Zoom meeting cannot truly recreate the buzz of being present in a work environment. But a meeting robot lets people be more actively included in meetings, which is especially important for managers and executive members of staff.

This can foster the same feeling of collaboration and unity that you expect from a company, without any of the risks associated with travelling to work or being in close proximity with other employees while keeping everyone connected.

As you can see, the great advantages of bringing a meeting robot into your workplace are truly worth it. In an increasingly tech-savvy world, it is the perfect way to stay in sync, no matter what the future brings for the modern office.