Highback Seating Are A Must In Breakout Areas

Highback chairs are a handy tool to have in the open plan office – they not only provide employees with a space where they can work uninterrupted but also allow you to have a meeting with clients in a space that is sheltered from the office noise. Here are some of the best Highback Chairs we offer:

Quiet Workstation Armchair

Quiet Workstation Armchair is a clever adaptation of a high back privacy armchair, with the addition of a Workstation that provides the additional space and features of a writing surface, hidden storage, and power. The high back and arms create a satisfying level of acoustic privacy that is conducive to focused work.


Peek and Boo Armchairs

As the name suggests, this unit is a playful seating duo (consisting of Peek and Boo Armchair and High Back unit). Group a couple of these together and you have the perfect space for informal meetings where employees can chat undisturbed by office noise.



Unconventional looks for an unconventional chair! The EarChair is designed to function like a room when used. You can have personal conversations, make phone calls or listen privately to what you choose. It creates a private space that stands comfortably in public open spaces, a sphere to rest in when in the middle of the hustle and bustle. Not only are you shielded from ambient office noise, the ears effectively render your conversation – whether with somebody sitting opposite you or on the phone – private.


Boom Armchairs

Boom Armchairs are a creative recreation based on the classic winged high back library chair. Forming part of the Network Landscapes furniture series, Boom High Back Armchairs provide solutions for the office, migrating away from hierarchical, systems-focused environments, to more casual and diverse networking spaces. Boom Armchair is constructed in a traditional wood frame with shaped and applied foam upholstery and a solid wood base frame can be specified in the standard Network Landscapes solid wood finishes of Oak, Beech or Walnut. The refined comfort of Boom is enhanced with the attached head cushion.


Beatnik Sound Station Chair

Beatnik Sound Station Chair by designers Luka Stepan and Domen Gazvoda packs a punch! It features a Bose 2.1 speaker system with an integrated subwoofer under the seating area. The satellite speakers are located at the upper front part of this high back armchair, creating a high-tech system that connects to your mobile, tablet or laptop computer wirelessly using Bluetooth or Apple´s AirPlay technology for agile working in the office or relaxing. Beatnik Communication Chair lets you communicate and make conference calls hands-free using the built-in iPad mount. The cocoon shaped chair isolates sound from the surrounding space, ensuring privacy.