High Office Table For More Functionality? Your Choices In 2022

Prolonged working hours where you have to sit most of the time, can be extremely tiresome. In the short term, it does not appear to make much of a difference to your overall well-being. In the longer run, however, you will notice frequent pains in your body. This could be sciatic pain or arm or leg pain. It can even affect your overall permanent posture; consequently, affecting productivity.

So, having the right furniture in the workplace is necessary. As employers, your employees’ health must be of utmost priority. And while you might be giving them the necessary care coverage, one way you can reduce some of those costs is via placing appropriate office furniture, particularly desks.

Find out more about some of the best high office tables you can invest in for your office.


Progress Adjustable Height Bench Desks

Designed by Elite, the Progress adjustable height bench desk is a double-sided sit-stand workstation. The user can adjust its height as per convenience, and it also provides a mix of electric, gas strut, and fixed height workstations. These are options you can customise your desk with.

You can also get desk screens installed for more privacy. The design is classy and does not make the room feel congested. Health and looks go side by side with the ‘Progress Height Adjustable’ desk. It is available in multiple finishes.


Grid Height Adjustable Desks

Grid Height Adjustable Desk from Bulo is a part of their flexible and modular office furniture systems. The lines and rectangles on the desk are historically inspired by the Dutch “De Stijl” movement.

These sit-stand desks suit the user’s health and provide the most efficiency. Since it focuses on individual ergonomics, the user can manually adjust the height suitable for them. There is also an electric height adjustment feature for a more dynamic environment.

These can be installed anywhere and will serve their functions well. From informal meeting tables to the breakout areas, this is an excellent desk to invest in. The Grid desk is available in multiple tabletop finishes. You can choose whichever fits your office environment the best.


BAE High Worktable

Looking for a collaborative table that is not too risky for your employee’s health and well-being? Check out our BAE High Worktable. It is attractive and gives people a creative space outside their usual working environment.

It is made of solid industrial oak with MDF tops. You can choose any of the 5 industrial laminates given your aesthetic. The high top allows for generous legroom underneath and gives an illusion of the space being bigger.

Power and data sockets are available with the BAE desk table as well.


Key Takeaway For High Office Table!

Apres Furniture takes pride in providing you with office furniture that is conscious of the user’s health and comfort. Our options to customise the product add more value to it and your workplace. Explore our website for more details, or contact us for a one-on-one session with an expert.