High-End Office Reception Desks

Setting a solid first impression on visitors and clients as they enter your office vicinity is as important as providing them with the best service. It reflects your professionalism and eagerness to serve stakeholders within the workplace.

The appropriate reception furniture makes all the difference. Not only does it give you the power to set the tone of your business, but it also makes a lasting impression.

An elegant and classic reception area with a good-looking desk will take your business a long way. Continue to read this post ahead to find our picks of some high-end office reception desks that instantly uplift the space.


Valde Reception Desk

The Valde Reception Desk is a stand-out when it comes to its looks. It has a gloss surface, LED lighting, a selection of HPL, and wood-coloured fronts that make it a beauty. The attention to detail and creative design of this desk is what make it an invitational piece.

This elegant office reception desk can be customised in any shape that fits the workplace aesthetic. The horizontal slats are standard to Valde, giving it a modern character. The desktop features tempered white glass and compliment the shiny front. Glowing LED lights under the desktop and base of the counter add to its modern look.

It has plenty of space with integrated shelving for filing, papers, and other equipment used by the receptionist.


Premia Reception Desk

Our Premia Reception Desk is part of our exquisite range that eludes luxury. When this high-quality custom-made piece becomes the face of your workplace, you are bound to have made the right impression on visitors.

The Premia Desk is bespoke and made to your specifications. From its shape to the finishing to the inset, everything about it is done by you. Its curves and smooth edges give it a warm and soft look.

Behind the desk are push-release drawers and doors, offering a smooth finish to its overall look. You can add contrasting veneers depending on your liking. You also can integrate a cable management system, sockets, and other panels as needed.


M10 Modular Reception Desk

Talk about class and minimalism, the M10 Modular Reception Desk is here to serve just that. It is an example of sturdiness while maintaining a clean design with fine lines.

Customise the size of the M10 as per your space and the design plus finish per your environment. It has plenty of storage space to accommodate the user on the inside to make the table top less cluttered and congested. With easy access to everything, the receptionist can make the best use of the space.


Key Takeaway For Office Reception Desks!

Reception desks are the first pieces of furniture equipment visitors look at, so ensuring they make a statement is necessary. We, at Apres Furniture, seek the best hence, we bring you the optimal office reception desks.

Our interior office designing solutions are modern and for a vast clientele base. Meet with our design and sales team to collaborate on ideas for your new workplace!