Here’s How You Should Plan Your Office Bench Desking

In an organization, the space between the four walls affects the aesthetic appeal, efficiency, and comfort. Redesigning the office layout is more than just making the most of your workspace. It is believed that the office layout and its environmental factors have an impact on employees’ well-being, economic success, and efficiency.

Rearranging desks will not suffice to plan the layout of your office space. Try to select furniture, rearrange lighting, leave some floor space open on purpose, and purchase contemporary decor.

If you are moving into a brand-new location or your current space needs a change, then Apres Furniture will guide you through every step, from choosing the right bench desk to installing it according to the space provided.

Let’s look at some of the floor plans for bench desking that might suit your organization.


Cubicle Office Plan

The cubicle layout is a traditional look option that features partitions surrounding the tables from three sides, giving it a boxy or cubical shape. Our Apres Furniture Van Duysen Bench Desk will best suit this layout. It allows at least 4 people to sit in the cubicle.

The identical heights of the desk panels and storage boxes create a consistent office landscape that is both architecturally sound and provides private cubicles for work execution. The independent adjustable height feature makes seating and desking more comfortable for a lot of users. It comes in two dimensions which you can customize according to your office plan.


Open Plan Layout

One of the most popular layout designs in the world is the open plan design. It has a single table shared by all employees with few or no compartments. This makes it an excellent choice for improving workplace communication and teamwork.

Versa Office Bench Desks are ideal for open office plan layout, which you can find at Apres. These desks are elegantly simple, yet extremely versatile. It facilitates any organization and its employees’ needs by providing a clean, sleek design with great functionality. Versa bench desks are available with a variety of tabletop shapes ranging from rectangular to crescents, as well as 120-degree tabletop modules, which are not less than a cherry on top.


Team Cluster Office Layout

Team-Cluster is a design that is designed solely for collaborative work. Employees are grouped according to a team in a cluster to share a single table for better collaboration. Compared to other styles, the Team-Cluster makes it much easier for businesses to improve employee communication.

Frame+ Meeting table is best suited for team office layout. This stylish and elegant collection of office teamwork/meeting room tables was created for modern office layouts.

It is designed for prestigious office interiors with sleek and modern leanings. It has a simple metal structure with an oxidized and white finish. The table top is available in several magnificent finishes.


Key Takeaway For Office Bench Desking!

Office layouts come in various styles, and choosing the wrong one can negatively impact your work culture and employees’ well-being. Apres Furniture will easily assist you in selecting the best layout design for your workspace.