Health And Safety In An Office Is A Priority – See How You Can Contribute To It

Employees sit and stare at their screens for hours and hours long. If the furniture they use does not support their posture, an array of problems can emerge. A dark and sombre atmosphere can lead to subdued moods if the proper lighting is not provided. So now you have downtrodden workers with back and neck problems —- possibly weak eyesight, too.

Never fear. There is always a solution and we at Après are much obliged to help you explore your options. The right furniture is your go-to. Read our piece on why health and safety in an office is a priority and how your chosen furniture can help you contribute to the idea.


Workplace Accidents

Accidents happen frequently at work. In reality, trips and falls account for 40% of all major workplace injuries, and a company risks legal trouble if they are severe enough.

If a company is found to have neglected health and safety or used substandard procedures, the cost of legal bills alone might put it in difficulty. Aside from that, failing to prioritise health and safety for everyone can have expensive consequences, such as harm to the company’s brand, hiring replacement workers, delaying projects, and alienating clients.

Niels Diffrient created the Freedom Desk Chair to provide the user with the greatest ergonomic benefit conceivable with the fewest possible manually adjustable controls. It sets new benchmarks for office task chair performance and usefulness with its weight-sensitive recline, synchronously adjustable armrests, and dynamically positioned headrest to keep the user incredibly comfortable while also reducing the risk of long-term injury.


Posture and Productivity

The study of office productivity is known as ergonomics. For workers to be as productive as possible throughout the workday, office equipment must be at the appropriate height and angle.

It is now for the employees’ health that you should upgrade your workplace furniture to ergonomic designs. The primary benefit will always be to the worker’s health; we can also do it for design aesthetics or merely to have modern, up-to-date offices. Happy employees mean better results, which is a sure-fire way to make the executives happy.

The Q40 Sit-Stand Desk is a small, motorised double bench desk with a height adjustment of 1260 mm that combines simplicity, functionality, and a clean Scandinavian style.


Leisure and Comfort

Mental health goes side by side with physical well-being. Losing employees is hard, but losing them when you know you cannot accommodate them is even worse. In addition to ergonomic furniture, a comfy space, like a break room, can do wonders for a worker’s mental health. However, you need the appropriate furniture to set it all up.

One of your options is the timeless modern archetype: Cuoio Lounge Chair. This attractive armchair combines a minimalist design with subdued materials and precise lines. In that comfort space, simplicity and sustainability are a statement. This chair’s sheepskin rug is quite plush; a way of life for serene minimalism. The delicate Lounge Chair is complemented by the Cuoio Lounge footstool and the comfort cushion for your employees’ backs.


Key Takeaway For Health And Safety In An Office!

Office or home, your workplace should prioritise health and safety. While the employees at your organisation would appreciate your contribution to this approach, a great start would be our Apres Furniture collection, where your choices are many and make way for thoughtfulness.