Hard Working Custom Desks Increase Office Productivity

Just as every square metre of office space now needs to be optimised, so does every member of your team!

Getting the best out of your self and your employees every working day can come down to some of the most basic human requirements, including asking the question ‘Are you sitting comfortably’.

Now if your mind just jumped immediately to office chairs that improve productivity – through ergonomic comfort and support – you’re on the right lines.

However, what can be easily be overlooked is the matter of desks.

Modern office design often puts the emphasis on getting desks to be versatile and perfectly proportioned to fit their roles as device-laded workstations. Again, that’s all laudable but still misses another important consideration in buying desks that get the best out of people.

It all comes down to the fact that everyone in your team is a different size, and has different preferences on how they sit and work.

That can make investing in custom desks for key players – and yourself – the way to go.

Particularly if you select options imbued with engineering research into the more ergonomic (and contemporary) forms, such as the custom made Ola Executive Office Desk.

Ready-made office furniture could never be as responsive to different needs and tastes.

Making custom desks your own

Another way commissioning office furniture pays you back, is by providing the opportunity to make your offices true to your corporate or brand identity.

Modern desk designs are immensely creative and offer desks in different colours, finishes, materials and layouts to create the perfect match for your passive marketing.

Having custom desks and an office interior that says a lot about you as a company, is not just about impressing visitors. A homogeneous team of staff – with a shared vision – are also happier and more productive.

The Milk Height Adjustable Desk is just one great option, to enable you to commission a work area that’s unique to your business.

Other ways custom desks make sense

Having desks specially commissioned is not all about keeping your team happy and productive though.

The best office furniture crafted to your specification also has the added advantage of being durable. This makes your ROI about the life cycle of your work desks, not just how well they perform today.

For a clear illustration check out the Kyo Olmo Executive Office Desk made from eco-aware materials, piece by piece to be strong and ready for anything!

Turnkey office furniture’s appearance can hide a multitude of sins! Whereas commissioning your own pieces of furniture gives you control over the components. If you choose the best supplier of custom desks, you know the craftsmanship is first class too.

This often builds in the ability to have height adjustable office furniture, meaning your custom desk won’t ‘just’ support existing team members, but future appointees too!

For example, have a look at the modular and versatile Unite SE Office Desk System, with its clean lines and flexible structures.