Glass Desks And Tables For Your Modern Office

Investing in good quality desks and tables for your workplace is essential. It ensures your purchase serves its purpose for a long time without you being concerned about replacing it now and then. And if you’re someone who loves the look of glass tops, the need to buy a durable one increases.

Glass desks and tables appear to be a staple in modern offices because it looks sleek and gives the illusion of a bigger space. The environment feels minimal, light, and open. If you have a small or dark room, glass furniture will make the area feel well-lit and spacious. On top of all that, it oozes style.

If you are considering replacing traditional desks and tables in your office, check out our picks of the most modern-looking and elegant glass desks and tables.


Unitable Meeting Tables

Office furniture is supposed to be flexible. For meeting tables, specifically, when several employees work at once, the furniture must offer versatility. The Unitable meeting tables from are an ideal solution for this.

The glass top lies on the extruded aluminium beam, providing the utmost strength. This element also helps hide the wiring or cables. The table also has floor glides that are height adjustable.

In addition, the size of your room is not a problem here. We provide tailored desking solutions while maintaining the originality of the Unitable Meeting Tables. You are also at liberty to pick one from a vast variety of finishes and colours depending on your workplace aesthetics.


Arkitek Glass Office Desks

If you’re looking for an executive table that offers the utmost functionality with the best looks and design, our Arkitek Glass Office Desks are the ones for you. This one, in particular, is available in a number of options depending on your need.

Ranging from individual and executive desks to boardroom tables, you can customize your Arkitek Glass Office Desk however you want. Its prominent features include an aluminium frame, integrated wiring, and metal frame finishes.


Flow Tables

Flow Tables are rectangle tables which come in three widths. The tables are available to you in a black or white frames, and once placed in a room, it is bound to make their presence noticed. The striking colour settles down with the surroundings and does not appear harsh to the eye.

The frame comprises die-casting aluminium legs with a support bar in the centre made from extruded aluminium. This is enough proof of the strength this table has to offer. You also have a few options to customize the desktop. You can choose whatever fits your workplace environment.


Key Takeaway For Glass Desks And Tables!

Apres Furniture takes pride in offering furniture solutions to workplaces seeking modern revamps. Glass desks and tables are the new aesthetic for a minimal yet pleasing office, and we are always here to help you out with it. Check out our website for an extensive range of office furniture of all types. We are a one-stop solution to all your workplace furniture needs.