Give Attention to Your Office Floor Plan Design – Here Is Why

The impression you leave on your visitors, particularly clients, assures future follow-ups. If your organization’s attitude, the environment of the office space and its upkeep, and the overall vibe reflect well on an individual, you have bagged a forever customer. However, to attain that, you must factor in some important things — even how you manage your floor planning.

For many organizations, the office floor plan may not be of immense importance. However, at Après Furniture, we know its value and the role it plays in establishing a healthy working environment.

Continue to read this post ahead to learn why office floor plan design is a small, yet vital aspect you cannot miss.


Impress Your Visitors

Customers are not the only ones you wish to impress. There are other relevant individuals who come through your doors into the organization, and they all must be considered.

While not all rooms will be occupied, since most meetings take place in the conference room, the areas through which visitors pass must be given due attention. Well-lit hallways, with potted plants here and there to liven up the place, and prominent boundaries between workspaces— are all little improvements you must take care of.

For instance, we offer innovative floor-standing screens called Viswing room dividers that can be ingeniously incorporated into third spaces or interactive meeting areas.

The dynamic, 3D designs of this room divider and the material’s transparency give it an almost whimsical quality that can evoke feelings of security, freedom, and lightness. Also, they facilitate seamless transitions between adjacent working areas and meeting zones, ensuring that you always have the right visual protection level for your immediate needs.



Your organisation having a name and logo is not enough. To create an identity in the industry, whether it’s a book-publishing organization or a local doctor’s clinic, you must have your colours known to the world. If not your colours, then at least the vibe you would like to create when a visitor enters your premises.

Perhaps racks full of magazines or shelves displaying artistic pieces from the 80s; all of this falls under the office floor plan design.

You can find many pieces to establish a certain outlook of your office, like the collection of Green Cloud plant pots, which includes hanging and free-standing planters.

Blending aspects of nature into a workspace, whether at home or in the office, the design will help evoke lamps spewing greenery. It can also be used outdoors because of the combination of aluminium and galvanised steel.


Key Takeaway For Office Floor Plan!

Now that you know why office floor plan designs are a key part of your workspace’s outlook, it is time to give it a thought to create a productive vibe.

You can consider something that will catch the visitor’s eye or bring warmth to the place, but whichever one you choose, you can find the solutions at Après Furniture. Our design experts can be consulted for bespoke office design solutions.