Frank Gehry Inspirational Furniture Designs

Furniture designer and architect Frank Gehry was born on 28th of February 1929 in Toronto, Canada. He has created inspiring designs and is well known for his use of unusual materials.

Gehry studied urban planning at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, then founded the architectural firm Frank Gehry & Associates in Los Angeles in 1962. A couple of years down the line he tried his hand at furniture design, which resulted in his, now famous, cardboard furniture series Easy Edges, released between 1969-72.

In 1989 Gehry had the honours of  designing the  Vitra Design Museum and manufacturing facility. This was Gehry’s first building in Europe and sits within the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein.
WiggleSideChair_1 Vitra | Wiggle Side Chair

Even though they look surprisingly simple, the “Easy Edges” furniture pieces are exceedingly robust and stable, showing much of the architect’s skill. The materials he used are corrugated cardboard, edges made of hardboard, which are available either natural or lacquered.

low table-01 Vitra | Low Table Set

Vitra Design Museum Frank Gehry Vitra Design Museum | Frank Gehry (via Wikimedia Commons)